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Morgan Hudson's Personal Details

Morgan Hudson is a famous British YouTuber and social media celebrity

BirthdayAugust 6, 2001
FamousYoutubers, Social Media Stars, YouTubers, Vloggers
Nick namesMorgz
Birth PlaceSheffield, England
FatherDarren Paul Hudson
MotherJill Hudson
Sun SignLeo
Born inSheffield, England
Famous asYouTuber

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Who is Morgan Hudson?

Morgan Hudson is a famous British YouTuber and social media celebrity. He has more than 2.3 million subscribers to his YouTube channel. To be a successful YouTuber, it is not enough just to create a channel and upload content. You have to be able to have the natural talent to draw in people’s attention with something unique that none else can offer. Ask Morgan Hudson a.k.a. Morgz and he can tell you all about standing out in a crowd of wannabe YouTubers. From uploading hilarious content in his channel to successfully creating a brand of himself and turning that into successful merchandising contracts, this British YouTuber, who is still in his teens, has apparently arrived at the social media influencer scene. He fame has soared high and mighty, with more than 1.8 million subscribers to his YouTube channel. He is catching up fast in other social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram as well. He is successfully turning his love from the viewers and subscribers into a solid net worth and has already set his eye on a bigger prize.

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The Rise to Stardom

Having started his channel in 2014, the year he turned 13, Morgan found success quite easily. If you know what you want to do in life, it is quite easy to achieve success. Morgan is the classic example of the statement. Initially, he named his channel ‘ItsMorgz’ but later changed it to just ‘Morgz’.

The initial videos posted on his channel were mostly about showing off his gaming prowess through various plays in games like Minecraft and mainly FIFA. In between he will post Q&A videos and celebratory ones for various subscriber goals milestones.

He also posted about his new camera, new gaming equipment, and new upgraded gaming chair even! He also gave his viewers glimpses of his typical day and instructed viewers about how to start a gaming channel of their own! The channel reached 1K subscribers in December 2015 and by June 2016, he had 200 K subscribers! Although the subsequent week YouTube somehow removed 7K subscribers from his channel for reasons unknown, he hit the million subscribers mark by December 2016. He is fast approaching the 2 million subscribers mark with more than 1.8 million people tuned into his channel currently.

Although Morgan started the channel to showcase his video gaming talents, he has since shifted his content more towards generalized viewer base as he mostly posts vlogs, videos of various pranks on family members and viewer recommended challenges.

His viewers have seen him evolve from this slightly geeky kid to this absolutely cracker of a teenager and currently someone bordering on manhood. Morgan has set his eyes on using his social media platforms to create a successful business as well and has collaborated with brands into producing customized merchandises such as t-shirts and hoodies.

This young man has already amassed a net worth of nearly a million dollars though his social media popularity and business platform.

What Makes Morgan Hudson So Special

Morgan is a genius due to the fact that he has his fingers on the pulse of his target audience. He seems to know exactly what the viewers love and delivers them with utter honesty.

He has no qualms about sharing this past chubby self although he has said that he works hard so that he does not go back to his old shape.

His videos frequently involve his family members, especially his mum and dad. He is extremely candid when he is interacting with them, be it a Q&A session or some hilarious over the top prank.

He is revered by his fans. He regularly mentions them by names and takes on whatever request for dares and pranks they put forward, no matter how bizarre they may sound! His interaction with fans on his various tours also reflects how much he values them and their continued support.

Behind The Curtains

Morgan Hudson was born on August 6, 2001 at Sheffield, England, to Darren Hudson and Jill Hudson. Although he uploads regular videos and makes frequent Q&As, he has, so far, not revealed much about himself. He seems to be very close to his family, and they feature prominently in Morgan’s videos.

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Morgan Hudson's FAQ

  • What is Morgan Hudson birthday?

    Morgan Hudson was born at 2001-08-06

  • Where is Morgan Hudson's birth place?

    Morgan Hudson was born in Sheffield, England

  • What is Morgan Hudson nationalities?

    Morgan Hudson's nationalities is British

  • What is Morgan Hudson nick names?

    Morgan Hudson's nickNames is Morgz

  • How tall is Morgan Hudson?

    Morgan Hudson's height is 185

  • Who is Morgan Hudson's father?

    Morgan Hudson's father is Darren Paul Hudson

  • Who is Morgan Hudson's mother?

    Morgan Hudson's mother is Jill Hudson

  • What is Morgan Hudson's sun sign?

    Morgan Hudson is Leo

  • How famous is Morgan Hudson?

    Morgan Hudson is famouse as YouTuber

  • What is Morgan Hudson's twitter?

    Morgan Hudson's twitter is

  • What is Morgan Hudson's youtube?

    Morgan Hudson's youtube is

  • What is Morgan Hudson's instagram?

    Morgan Hudson's instagram is