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Miles McKenna's Personal Details

Miles McKenna is a popular YouTuber known for his LGBTQ activism

BirthdayNovember 2, 1995
FamousYoutubers, Social Media Stars, YouTubers, Vloggers
City/StateCalifornia, Los Angeles
Birth PlaceLos Angeles, United States
Sun SignScorpio
Born inLos Angeles, United States
Famous asYouTuber

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Who is Miles McKenna?

Miles McKenna, previously known as Amanda McKenna, is a popular YouTuber known for his LGBTQ activism. Named “Amanda” and assigned the female gender at birth, Miles now identifies as a trans non-binary person. With over 900k subscribers on his YouTube channel ‘MilesChronicles’ (previously ‘AmandasChronicles’), he is best known for his vlog entries related to his sexuality and gender identity. Miles has an incredible sense of humor and also makes a lot of comedic videos. His fans love him for his honesty, vulnerability, and courage to stand up for himself in this largely homophobic world. A few years ago, when still known as Amanda, Miles had confessed to his fans that he is not straight. While several of his fans were supportive and offered positive words, not everyone took the news in a good way. In fact, the disclosure that he is not straight angered his parents so much that he was thrown out of the house! A few months later, he revealed something else about themselves—that he is a trans non-binary person who was not comfortable identifying as either a girl or a boy. Miles’ boldness and courage in coming out openly in front of almost a million fans have made him an icon for LGBTQ rights.

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The Meteoric Rise to Stardom

Miles McKenna, born as Amanda McKenna, was confused as a child. Even though he was given a girl’s name and made to dress like a girl, he personally never felt comfortable identifying himself as a girl. Neither did he feel like a boy! On growing up, he realized that he liked girls even though it was socially expected that he like boys. Thus the youngster was very distressed and confused about his sexuality and gender orientation.

He created a YouTube account as a means of dealing with his angst and soon started posting comedic videos. His videos were hilarious and attracted many followers to his channel. With time, as he grew more comfortable with his audience, he decided to come out to them and announced in a video that he is not straight. As he was still known as Amanda at that time, his fans assumed that he is lesbian. While he received a lot of support from his fans, he also had to deal with a flood of hateful comments. It was especially painful for him when his parents kicked them out of the house on learning that he is not straight.

Months of struggle followed but eventually he bounced back. In order to help other youngsters struggling with their sexuality, he posted a video titled ‘HOW TO COME OUT TO HOMOPHOBIC/TRANSPHOBIC FAMILY’ in July 2016 in which he advised the viewers on how to talk about their sexual orientation with unsupportive family members. This video, along with another one ‘SO I'M TRANS*,’ which he posted in January 2017 made him an icon for LGBTQ rights. In the latter video, he announced to the viewers that he is a trans non-binary person who identifies as neither a girl nor a boy. Around this time, she also took steps to legally change his name from Amanda to Miles.

As someone who has struggled a lot with his own sexual orientation and gender identity, Miles is extremely supportive of his viewers. By sharing his personal experiences, he motivates his fans to embrace themselves for whatever they are and not pretend to be something that they’re not. Numerous youngsters belonging to the LGBTQ community consider Miles as their role model and derive moral courage by watching his videos.

Personal Life

Miles McKenna was born as Amanda McKenna on November 2, 1995 in the United States. There is no information available about his parents, siblings, or early life on the internet. On the romantic front, Miles was once in a relationship with fellow YouTuber Amy Ordman. It was revealed in January 2017 that they are not together anymore.

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Miles McKenna's FAQ

  • What is Miles McKenna birthday?

    Miles McKenna was born at 1995-11-02

  • Where is Miles McKenna's birth place?

    Miles McKenna was born in Los Angeles, United States

  • What is Miles McKenna nationalities?

    Miles McKenna's nationalities is American

  • What is Miles McKenna's sun sign?

    Miles McKenna is Scorpio

  • How famous is Miles McKenna?

    Miles McKenna is famouse as YouTuber

  • What is Miles McKenna's facebook?

    Miles McKenna's facebook is

  • What is Miles McKenna's twitter?

    Miles McKenna's twitter is

  • What is Miles McKenna's youtube?

    Miles McKenna's youtube is

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    Miles McKenna's instagram is