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Matt Cutshall's Personal Details

Matt Cutshall is an American singer, Instagram & YouTube Star

BirthdayFebruary 13, 1985
FamousInstagram Stars, Social Media Stars
Birth PlacePortland,Oregon
Sun SignAquarius
Born inPortland,Oregon
Famous asSocial Media Star

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Who is Matt Cutshall?

A former member of the boy band ‘It Boys’, Matt Cutshall is currently a social media superstar. A true millennial in every sense of the word, Matt’s appeal is universal and he has managed to keep the attention of followers. He was there when the boy bands were all the rage, and he successfully created a large fan base of teenagers who went gaga over his singing and sashing personality. Next he rode the Vine wave pretty high, capturing the fancy of the next generation teenagers with his flair for comedy and theatrics. Finally, he is here in Instagram, with ever increasing list of followers having their eyes trained on his fantastic LA life. He has also caught on to the YouTube trend, having his own channel, creating engaging content for the platform and promoting his charismatic self, further into the minds of the audiences.

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Rise to Fame

The music bug caught on to Matt pretty early but he did not consider it a career until he decided to form a boy band back in the 2000s. Boy bands were the hippest thing at that point and Matt decided to flaunt his musical talents by forming the band ‘It Boys’. He himself was the lead vocalist in the band and other band members were Duck Leary (Drummer/ Vocalist), Jeffrey Oster (Lead Guitarist), Judah Leary (Guitarist/ Vocalist) and Tommy Coops (Bassist). The band released two albums and a total of 17 songs. Their first album was released in 2010 and was called ‘Guys Don’t Like Me’. Their second album followed in 2012 and was titled ‘Introduction’. The songs featured a number of social media icons like Jeffree Starr, BC Bean, J. Trill and Cassadee Pope.

Following the moderate success of the band, Matt decided to implement his considerable talent on other platforms as well. Vine was his choice at the onset of his social media career as he got to exert his creativity and flaunt his handsome self to the audience. He posted his first Vine video on April 13, 2013.

As he posted more and more videos to the platform, often collaborating with other Viners like Sunny Mabrey, Manon Mathews, Barron Boedecker, Arielle Vandenberg and, KC James, his popularity shot up in the platform finally affording him over 1.8 million followers.

As a recent endeavor, post dissolution of Vine, Matt has taken to posting videos in his YouTube channel since late 2016; although he has had a YouTube channel since 2012, his boy band days. He uploads vlogs and life lesson videos with catchy titles. His subscriber count is gradually on the rise and it is currently more than 10K in the short six months he has been active. Here also he has collaborated with other YouTubers like Mannon Mathews, Josh Peck and Arielle Vanderberg.

Matt has considerable following on Instagram as well. He has more than 500K followers on his Instagram account dying to view the snippets of his gorgeous and happening LA life.

Social media starts like Matt are part of this new age marketing strategy that uses their social reach to promote brands and products in the most intrusive way possible. Matt has not missed his chance to extract financial gains from his social media star status.

He regularly collaborates with well-known brands like Verizon or Mariott to create brand endorsements. Matt also works with Production houses and he has promoted films like Godzilla and Tommorowland. He gets a kick out of creating funny and ingenious hashtags for the products and in turns gets paid the big bucks for his talents. Matt Cutshall’s total net worth is close to 700,000 USD currently.

What Makes Matt Cutshall So Special

Matt is the quintessential social media star, adept at going with the flow and creating his magic everywhere. From Boy Bands to Vine to Instagram to YouTube, wherever he goes he gets to taste success not just in terms of popularity but in terms of money as well. He is handsome. He is charming. He is funny. So, whatever the platform is, he shines through by virtue of these qualities.

Behind The Curtains

The media has not explored Matt’s life before fame very well so far. It is known that he is originally from Portland, Oregon and is currently based out of Hollywood, LA. He probably has a brother who lives in Portland and has two kids.

He is currently dating fellow social media celebrity, Ariel Vanderberg. The two have been best friends for quite some time and have been featured in each other’s Vines quite frequently.

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Matt Cutshall's FAQ

  • What is Matt Cutshall birthday?

    Matt Cutshall was born at 1985-02-13

  • Where is Matt Cutshall's birth place?

    Matt Cutshall was born in Portland,Oregon

  • What is Matt Cutshall nationalities?

    Matt Cutshall's nationalities is American

  • How tall is Matt Cutshall?

    Matt Cutshall's height is 175

  • What is Matt Cutshall's sun sign?

    Matt Cutshall is Aquarius

  • How famous is Matt Cutshall?

    Matt Cutshall is famouse as Social Media Star

  • What is Matt Cutshall's twitter?

    Matt Cutshall's twitter is

  • What is Matt Cutshall's youtube?

    Matt Cutshall's youtube is

  • What is Matt Cutshall's instagram?

    Matt Cutshall's instagram is