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Lisa Mantler's Personal Details

Lisa Mantler is a popular and Instagram star and one of the of lisaandlena duo

BirthdayJune 17, 2002
NationalityGerman Stars, Instagram Stars, Social Media Stars, TikTok Stars
SiblingsLena Mantler, Tim Mantler, Tyra Mantler
Known asLisa of Lisa & Lena
Birth PlaceStuttgart, Germany
Sun SignGemini
Born inStuttgart, Germany
Famous Star

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Who is Lisa Mantler?

Lisa Mantler is a German ‘’ star, who, along with her twin sister, Lena, is a social media sensation. After creating a single account on, the identical twins began using the lip syncing social site as a fun way to express their talent. However, to their surprise they began gathering millions of followers and today have over 19 million fans on their ‘’ account. What was more amazing is that these fans began following them on other social media sites. Today, they have more than 10.7 million followers on ‘Instagram’. She, along with her twin sister, is placed amongst the top ten stars.

Lisa may be only a teen but she is an entrepreneur too and owns an online store called the ‘Lisaandlena-shop’, and her product slogan is “Dream it and do it”. She and her sister, Lena, are the youngest children in the family and have two older siblings.

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The Meteoric Rise to Stardom

Lisa and her twin, Lena, are high school students. A couple of years ago in 2015 Lisa signed up on the social media lip-syncing app ‘’ and began uploading videos with her sister. The first video of the twin’s lip-syncing to Anna Graceman’s ‘Treble Heart’went viral and within a couple of months the girls became popular on the app as a twin team.

With each passing day their viewers and followers began multiplying. Encouraged by the great feedback they started uploading more lip syncing dance videos creating fresh and unique content on a daily bases. They soon launched their own clothing line brand titled ‘Compose’ in partnership with businessman and owner of ‘OCFM GmbH’ Oliver Stefanovic, but shut it down a couple of months later.

Since most of the top ten ‘’ stars hail from America, the German twins bring a refreshing change to their viewers and are the only Germans on the list to have occupied the number two spot.

Lisa Mantler is a fashion icon with a bulk of her followers closely following her on ‘Instagram’. She recently launched an online store of accessories, bags and t-shirts and named it the ‘Lisaandlena-shop’. The store caters to selected international orders from North and South America, Asia, Europe and Australia. The store also includes also specially designed mobile covers and caps.

Lisa has collaborated with other megastars such as Tayler Holder and Cody Ryan.

What Makes Lisa Mantler So Special

With almost 20 million fans worldwide, Lisa is one teenager who knows where life is heading. Not many youngsters her age could even dream of the success this young girl has brought to her name. She has made her parents proud and is working towards establishing a more prominent future with her entrepreneurial ventures. Needless to state that Lisa has her priorities in place, she may have turned famous at a very young age but Lisa has laser focus when it comes to her education.

The young dreamer is currently in high school and is working hard at scoring excellent grades in order to be placed in a top college. What sets her videos apart from the rest is its innovative and fresh content.

Her ability to look flawless with her sister and her dexterous movements to the words of Drake, Rihanna and FettyWap make her an exception on the site!

Every time!! Who knows this moment?? I'll come and find you!?❤️ #ComedyDay

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Beyond Fame

Lisa is fashionable and has been designing clothes since she was eleven so she launched her own clothing line after she gained fame.

She is athletic and has a great sense of comic timing, which is evident from her ‘’ videos. She spends around only twenty minutes editing a video before she publishes it on the site.

What is most fascinating is that Lisa has supported the development and renovation of a center for needy children in Romania by making generous donations with the money she has saved.

I know you gonna do something in the future!??❤️ #ComedyDay

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Behind The Curtains

Lisa was born on 17th June 2002 in Stuttgart, Germany. She has two elder siblings, a brother, Tim, and an older sister, Tyra. She has an identical twin, Lena, who has been her other half of fame right from the start. She is presently attending high school and plans to pursue college after its completion. Lisa states that it is her parents who have helped motivate the twins to improve the content of their videos and be more creative.

Lisa gets recognized almost everywhere, even when she is overseas and hopes to continue to entertain her fans. She is currently single and resides with her parents.

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Lisa Mantler's FAQ

  • What is Lisa Mantler birthday?

    Lisa Mantler was born at 2002-06-17

  • Where is Lisa Mantler's birth place?

    Lisa Mantler was born in Stuttgart, Germany

  • What is Lisa Mantler nationalities?

    Lisa Mantler's nationalities is German

  • Who is Lisa Mantler siblings?

    Lisa Mantler's siblings is Lena Mantler, Tim Mantler, Tyra Mantler

  • How tall is Lisa Mantler?

    Lisa Mantler's height is 165

  • What is Lisa Mantler's sun sign?

    Lisa Mantler is Gemini

  • How famous is Lisa Mantler?

    Lisa Mantler is famouse as Star

  • What is Lisa Mantler's twitter?

    Lisa Mantler's twitter is

  • What is Lisa Mantler's instagram?

    Lisa Mantler's instagram is