Summer holidays in France: 7 tips to adopt slow tourism

Summer holidays in France: 7 tips to adopt slow tourism 1

This summer, we adopt slow tourism as a way of traveling more “slow”, taking the time to discover, contemplate and share. If the concept is not familiar to you, do not worry, we have prepared a small user manual!

1 – Avoid the crowds

On holiday we do not really want to find the urban traffic jams, to be tight as in public transport, nor to queue to visit a site, slow tourism takes a step aside and takes the crossroads to avoid the most frequented places!

2 – Be curious

Away from the daily stress, slow holidays are an opportunity to take a break in a place and soak it up. Artisans, local festivals, outdoor activities, eco-uses, take your time to better enjoy it!

3 – Eat well

The great outdoors and walks, it digs! This is a good thing, our regions are full of specialties to enjoy: local and seasonal products, organic and sustainable agriculture … dinner’s ready!

4 – Share

Discovering a region also means living a privileged moment with its inhabitants and exchanging. Local festivals, visits to artisans, nights in guest rooms are all moments of conviviality and enriching encounters.

5 – Preserve nature

Little brother of sustainable tourism, slow tourism means limiting long-distance travel, using cleaner means of transport, respecting the environment, consuming local and seasonal… One last responsible gesture: turn off your mobile phone, it too needs to rest!

6 – Disconnect

There is no question of returning tired from his holidays because we ran from site to museum. Observe the birds, follow a yoga session, treat yourself to a massage, sip a drink on the terrace, learn to fish… Everything is a pretext to take care of yourself and recharge the batteries!

7 – Sleep well

Head in the stars or in the trees, at the farm or at the castle, whether they are in the middle of nature, unusual, charming, or run by particularly nice hosts, discover accommodations that offer more than just a bed!

All the tips to travel in slow mode are to be found in the Michelin slow tourism guide

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