The Science of Digital Marketing

Denner Liebert shared his expertise in digital marketing during his speech at the lecture, “The science behind digital marketing,” at the 2023 South Summit. His speech provided insights on how digital marketing firm V4 became a leader in the field through planning, specifically customer retention. Liebert stressed the importance of companies analyzing data to anticipate customer retention and plan for sustainable growth. Communication underwent significant changes with the rise of the internet and digital media, making digitization mandatory for the media industry, creating a high demand for marketing companies.

The Science Behind Digital Marketing: Insights from South Summit Lecture

Mastering Digital Marketing Science 3

Mastering Digital Marketing Science 5

Denner Liebert, the speaker of the lecture “The science behind digital marketing” at the 2023 South Summit, shared valuable insights on how V4, a digital marketing firm, became a leader in this field through planning. The focus of the lecture was on customer retention, which Liebert compared to a crashed plane investigation. In other words, companies need to analyze why a customer left and how they can meet their unmet needs to retain them.

The rise of the Internet and digital media has transformed communication, making digitization mandatory for the media industry. Consequently, marketing companies have never been in higher demand. Liebert highlighted the importance of analyzing data to anticipate which clients a company would retain and which ones it would inevitably lose.

Planning is also essential for companies that want to increase their profits. Liebert suggested planning annual growth based on the data obtained from customer retention analysis. This enables companies to take action proactively and ensure that their growth is sustainable.

Overall, the lecture provided useful insights into the science behind digital marketing, emphasizing the importance of customer retention, data analysis, and planning.

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