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The government has finally found a solution so that people who had Covid at the beginning of 2021 can provide a valid health pass (illustration photo taken in Île-Rousse, Corsica, mid-July).

CORONAVIRUS – This is a question that comes up very regularly from HuffPost readers (and a fortiori from French) and, finally, the government provides a clear answer: how to get your health pass when you had Covid-19 at the beginning of 2021, before the implementation of QR codes on April 19?

As a reminder, to have a valid health pass in order for example to be able to enter a museum or see a film at the cinema, you must present either:

  • A complete vaccination regimen (i.e. having received their second dose for at least seven days with Pfizer, Moderna or AstraZeneca, or 4 weeks with Johnson & Johnson).
  • or a negative PCR or antigen test of less than 48 hours (or 72 hours when it comes to traveling).
  • Or finally, a positive PCR or antigen test attesting to recovery to Covid-19 dating from more than 11 days ago (to no longer be contagious) and less than 6 months ago.
How to get your health pass if you had Covid at the beginning of 2021 5

Except that there is a catch: at the moment, the law provides that the data recorded on the Si-DEP platform (DEPistage Information System), where all laboratories in the country enter the result of tests, and where citizens can generate their QR code, can only be kept for a maximum of three months.

However, since QR codes have only been generated on the platform since April 19 (and in force only since May 3), people who contracted the coronavirus before that date (and less than six months ago) do not currently have the opportunity to prove that they have had the virus.

It will be necessary to turn to the labs

A grotesque situation that forced many of our readers to undergo PCR tests or to go and get vaccinated – they can two months after being infected, receiving only one dose – if they wanted to have a valid health pass.

But as was written in the preamble, a solution has been found by the authorities. While waiting for the law providing in particular for the extension of the health pass to enter into force (onAugust 9, if the Constitutional Council does not censor it) and to increase the data retention period to six months, the Ministry of Health asked laboratories on Tuesday, July 27 to transmit again the results of a test prior to April 19 (and less than six months old) to the Si-DEP platform.

This is only if the person who has passed this test asks his laboratory. Attention, small subtlety: the patient will receive, in doing so, a new link by SMS asking him to declare himself positive for Covid-19, the laboratory declaring him positive again. He will then have the right to disregard this notification.

On the other hand, on the Si-DEP website, he will be able – finally – to download his QR code and therefore have a valid health pass. An SMS and/or an email will also provide him with a link to the page where to download the precious document.

Dear reader,

You sent us your questions about the health pass and the vaccine.

Thank you for trusting us in this approach! We have published the first list of recurring questions that we have answered on the health pass. More such articles will be published in the summer.

We have also published articles on specific points, inspired by your questions:

Why the vaccination of pregnant women in the first trimester raised questions

Does the vaccine scare you? The answers to your questions and hesitations

We continue to consult the questions received so that we can offer you other articles, based on your concerns. In the meantime, all our topics on Covid-19, the health pass, and the vaccine are to be found on this page.

If you have not found the answer to your particular case, we invite you to turn to the following official contacts and resources who will be able to answer or enlighten you:

Thank you for being faithful to us and for reading us.

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