All in dad: how do the fathers of the most beautiful men in Hollywood look like

All in dad: how do the fathers of the most beautiful men in Hollywood look like 1

Star beauties can boast not only of their successes in their careers and in their personal lives. They will never refuse to say kind words about parents who in many ways helped them get on the right track.

Tom and Edward Hardy

Tom Hardy, photo: Legion MediaEdward Hardy, Father of Tom Hardy, Photo: Legion Media

Edward John “Chips” Hardy, a famous British writer and screenwriter – is rightly proud of his only son Tom. Despite the fact that Hardy Jr. was a very bad guy in his youth, he found the strength (of course, not without the help of his father) to become one of the brightest and original actors of Hollywood. Edward Hardy wrote with the heir the script for the series “Taboo”, which immediately gained popularity after the release of the screens. Now Edward has finished work on the novel “The Orchid of Seeton” and is looking forward to the responses of readers. Another proof that Tom went to dad: Hardy Sr. is in great physical shape!

Chris and Craig Hemsworth

the most beautiful actors of Hollywood, their fathers, personal life

Star Australian Chris Hemsworth is known as an exemplary family man. And he does not hide the fact that the upbringing that his father gave him and his brothers played an important role in relation to marriage. Craig Hemsworth, an ordinary social worker, managed to help his children in many endeavors. His life experience and intelligence largely influenced the final choice of the profession of future children. They all became actors. And the most famous of them is, of course, Chris. Star Thor has proudly stated more than once that he looks a lot like his father in his youth. Now Craig Hemsworth is fully devoted to the upbringing of his grandchildren, and all the time spent with them in a huge house located near the ocean.

Jake and Stephen Gyllenhaal

the most beautiful actors of Hollywood, their fathers, personal life

Oscar-winning intellectual Jake Gyllenhaal at the age of 11 starred in the film “City Pyzhons”. This debut took place not without the patronage of his father. Stephen Gyllenhaal is a famous Hollywood director, screenwriter, poet, and actor. He always wanted his children to continue their creative dynasty. Therefore, it is not surprising that with his light hand, the talented Jake achieved success so quickly. Having made some good films, Stephen focused on working with television projects, released a poetry collection, and began to actively engage in social activities.

Robert and Richard Pattinson

Robert Pattinson, photo: PictureLux / The Hollywood Archive / Alamy/Legion MediaRichard Pattinson, father of Robert Pattinson, photo: dpa picture alliance archive / Alamy/Legion Media

The gloomy handsome vampire Edward Cullen from “Twilight” seduced the hearts of millions of girls. Robert Pattinson, who brightly played this role, once admitted that he would hardly have gone to the actors. His father Richard Pattinson, who was engaged in the import and sale of vintage machines, apparently saw in his son a remarkable talent. And almost by force forced the heir to enter the theater studio of Burns. His father agreed to any expenses, as long as only young Robert went to class. According to the actor, he rarely interfered in his life, and this was an exceptional case. Now Pattinson Sr. is still engaged in his business, preferring to remain in the shadow of the glory of the star son, but always ready to come to his aid if necessary.

Scott and Clint Eastwood

the most beautiful actors of Hollywood, their fathers, personal life

Scott Eastwood, the son of world cinema legend Clint Eastwood and flight attendant Jacqueline Reeves – seems to be gaining strength and is already considered a rising Hollywood star. And the “eternal cowboy”, according to him, tries not to let the old man in. And Clint Eastwood is doing great! At the 91st-year-old, he makes films, writes scripts, and leads a healthy lifestyle. Yes, in fact, Clint does not smoke: the actor did it only when the script of the picture demanded it. The great actor and director do not quit fitness classes for a single day, and proper nutrition has become the norm for him. He does not forget about his large family: eight children from six different women along with grandchildren are welcome and beloved guests in his villa.

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