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United States America
United States America
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Who is Liddlenique?

undefined - LiddleniqueLiddlenique

This sassy and stylish young lady knows exactly how to grab all the attention. At a very young age she has gained much popularity. If you’re wondering who Liddlenique is, then ponder no more! At the age of 15, she’s rocking the internet with all the right moves. She has 755,000 followers on Instagram and 1.1 million on App. With creative dance moves and precise rhythm to the beat, Liddlenique has made quite a sensation of herself in the last year. We see her grooving to all the latest numbers and her fans are crazy about her swagger. Some of them have even gone on to upload videos of themselves on YouTube trying to ace her style.

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Liddlenique The Meteoric Rise to Stardom

It didn’t take Liddlenique long to shoot to stardom. She started off as a ‘YouNower’ in July 2015 and found success with more than 30,000 fans as of April2016. But her breakthrough came when she uploaded some of her videos tothe app with her strutting to various soundtracks. People began viewing her uploads and kept themselves posted with her latest videos. is basically a free social media app where one can share videos similar to a lip sync app. Liddlenique did not limit her fan following to but went on to share her pictures on Instagram gathering an equally large fan base on it as well. She has even performed a duet on ‘’ with her cousin who goes by the name ‘Drippyeli’ on the app.

Liddlenique What Makes Liddlenique So Special

How often do we find 15 year olds making it big? Liddlenique already has people identifying her and claiming her as their star not only on social media but in real life too;she has been tagged in several pictures by fans catching her off guard at malls and other public places as well. With nimble moves and choreographic creativity coupled with pretty looks and attractive charm, teenagers love her! She has also uploaded videos with a few of her friends and ‘ItzJoslynn’, where she comes across as a wonderful friend.

Liddlenique Beyond Fame

Liddlenique is still in school. School children admire her and undoubtedly she is one of the most popular girls in her school. She loves dancing and has great fashion sense. In most of her videos you will catch her wearing a stylish yet comfortable crop top with slacks, shorts or slim denims, sporting a slightly‘tomboyish’ look. Instagram is certainly her favorite platform, where she wholeheartedly uploads pictures and videos of herself along with her friends.

Liddlenique Behind The Curtains

Liddleniqueis a confident, slender and strikingly gorgeous girl. Yet with numerous followers on social media sites, very little is known about her family. She did a Q & A with ‘ItzJoslynn’ on YouTube where the latter said that Liddlenique is “patient” with her even when she takes a while to learn a move; in fact she has no qualms about sharing her creativity with others. On Instagram she recently posted a picture that read “I’ll take clingy over sketchy anytime of the week”. This most certainly suggests that she loves to be loved. This is also indicative that she is currently dating somebody that is probably obsessed or ‘clingy’ about her. When asked what she would do after her schooling finished, she spontaneously replies “party”! At 15, this dame has it all going right for her, there’s nothing pulling her back, and when met with criticism, she’s going to nip it in the bud. She certainly has her age to her advantage and with passing time her popularity is only going to grow.

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Frequently asked questions about Liddlenique

  • What is Liddlenique birthday?

    Liddlenique was born at March 5, 2001

  • Where is Liddlenique's birth place?

    Liddlenique was born in United States America

  • What is Liddlenique nationalities?

    Liddlenique's nationalities is American

  • What is Liddlenique's sun sign?

    Liddlenique is Pisces

  • What is Liddlenique's twitter?

    Liddlenique's twitter is

  • What is Liddlenique's instagram?

    Liddlenique's instagram is

  • What is Liddlenique's younow?

    Liddlenique's younow is