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Kyle David Hall's Personal Details

Check out all that you wanted to know about Kyle David Hall, the famous YouTube Personality; his birthday, his family and personal life, his girlfriend, fun trivia facts and more.

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Who is Kyle David Hall?

Kyle David Hall is one of the most loved YouTubers of this age—his encouraging and beyond inspiring videos stand as testament to that. Kick starting his new found passion and career in the year 2010, Kyle created an eponymous ‘YouTube’ channel where he shares almost everything between life and technology. Often seen in his emo-personality, you can’t help but fall in love with his soft-spoken charisma and his vibrant look at life. He has even gone ahead to become a source of encouragement on other platforms like ‘YouNow’ and ‘Instagram’ where his fans are often seen showering him with love and praise. Flocking to his social media in thousands, Kyle’s viewers quickly turned into his greatest fans mostly because of his appealing video content and intense life-altering experiences. And for those that haven’t watched his videos yet, this is your cue—go on and let Kyle’s channel bring out the silver lining you’ve been looking for!

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The Meteoric Rise To Stardom

Kyle David used to be that child whose dreams were always big. Growing up, he found immense happiness in filming random scenarios with his brother. Few years later, Kyle stumbled upon what would change the course of his life, forever: ‘YouTube’. But things weren’t always sunny and his journey into fame was a rocky and tough one. Often caught in the midst of bullying and a victim of being cheated upon by his partners, Kyle was left lonely and depressed during most of his teenage years. As a counter to this, Kyle decided to engage in creating positive-energy-spreading videos over the net. He soon came across YouTubers like Shane Dawson and Deefizzy, who later became his huge idols. Resorting to a de-stress technique and also finding his purpose as an actor, Kyle David soon started a channel where he could be himself and probably share his stories and experiences with an audience. Not just that, his short films like ‘Found Missing’, ‘Snow Day’, and ‘Alone When I’m Not’ have all made big waves on his channel! Kyle is also quite popular among the crowd for his ‘YouNow’ live streams, with over a million views in total! He is also an avid user of ‘Instagram’ and frequently posts about his upcoming projects and videos.

What Makes Kyle David Hall So Special

Even though Kyle’s journey wasn’t a rosy one, he still somehow manages to put a smile on his audience’s face. Most of his videos are about finding the inner strength to out-power any negative vibe, and constantly reminding his fans that there are better days ahead. He even shares his struggles in his video ‘Draw my life’, where he talks with more specifics regarding to his troubled years like dealing with heartbreaks, and his suicide attempts. What stands as an inspiration is that even though this young man hit rock bottom, he didn’t let that defeat him. And now, his channel remains as something truly encouraging for his viewers, especially to the ones that relate with his struggles.

Beyond Fame

Kyle is also a tech-freak and has tons of videos on his channel regarding the latest gadgets and games. He has found favor among the gaming community for his game-related reviews and updates.

Behind The Curtains

Kyle David Hall was born in Ohio, USA on June 21, 1998. He currently stays with his parents, brother and a pet dog. He hopes to one day become an inspirational icon that the youth could look up to, and looking at his current fame, we know he is going to make it big!

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Kyle David Hall's FAQ

  • What is Kyle David Hall birthday?

    Kyle David Hall was born at 1998-06-21

  • Where is Kyle David Hall's birth place?

    Kyle David Hall was born in Ohio

  • What is Kyle David Hall nationalities?

    Kyle David Hall's nationalities is American

  • What is Kyle David Hall's sun sign?

    Kyle David Hall is Gemini

  • How famous is Kyle David Hall?

    Kyle David Hall is famouse as YouTuber

  • What is Kyle David Hall's facebook?

    Kyle David Hall's facebook is

  • What is Kyle David Hall's twitter?

    Kyle David Hall's twitter is

  • What is Kyle David Hall's youtube?

    Kyle David Hall's youtube is

  • What is Kyle David Hall's instagram?

    Kyle David Hall's instagram is

  • What is Kyle David Hall's younow?

    Kyle David Hall's younow is