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Jeff Seid's Personal Details

Jeff Seid is an incredibly famous bodybuilder, fitness model, and a social media celebrity

BirthdayJune 12, 1994
FamousBodybuilder, Fitness Model, Social Media Stars, YouTubers
SiblingsKristina, Melissa
Birth PlaceRenton, Washington, United States
Net Worth$1.5 million as of Apr 9,2017
Sun SignGemini
Born inRenton, Washington, United States
Famous asBodybuilder, Fitness Model

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Who is Jeff Seid?

Jeff Seid is an incredibly famous American bodybuilder, fitness model, and a social media celebrity who has thousands of fans admiring him not only for his looks and physique but also for his magnetic personality. He is very health-conscious and believes in leading an active lifestyle. His gorgeous looks coupled with a dashing physique have earned him hype as a well-established bodybuilder who promotes the ultimate fitness mantra. His love for sports since the age of five triggered his interest in gradually building up a strong physique and maintaining a fuss-free, energetic lifestyle. According to Jeff, physical strength is akin to power and literally ensures the survival of the fittest in this highly competitive world. The urge to be in good physical shape was so high that it inspired him to start lifting heavy weights at the mere age of eleven! It was none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger who served as his idol and Jeff sourced his inspiration from his childhood hero. It took him around five years to achieve the physique he desired as a teenager, and the transformation he underwent from the age of 13-17 is really worthy of applause. While it may sound like a mission impossible, Jeff has proudly shown the world that determination and hard work can lead to unbelievable success in spite of the numerous setbacks that may came one’s way.

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Jeff Seid had to overcome a lot of unfortunate events in his epic journey towards becoming a world-famous bodybuilder. Right from his childhood days, his growing passion for sports and athletic persona ensured that he excelled in the game of football. By his senior year at high school, he had already earned recognition as an athlete and had a great chance of acquiring football scholarships in esteemed institutions for his college education. Around this time, Jeff also gained popularity as an All-American Wrestler; he emerged second in the Nationals and even participated as an All-American outside linebacker.

But as luck would have it, he suffered a severe ACL injury while playing football in his senior year and it ruined his dream of becoming a sportsman. He lost the highly-coveted scholarships and could not pay for his college education. Bad luck still engulfed him and he tore his ACL for the second time after a few months, ending his football dreams forever. Though he was overburdened with difficulties, the circumstances did not deter him from his dream goal of reaching the pinnacles of success in the fitness world.

As he prepared for his upcoming ACL surgery, Jeff came across the new IFBB category called ‘Men’s Physique’ while browsing the website. He figured out that his passion for an aesthetic, health-oriented lifestyle could become a career reality in the bodybuilding arena since he had religiously trained himself for over six years. In just a month, he decided to compete and successfully bagged the title in his very first show as a bodybuilder. Since then, there was no turning back as Jeff went on to achieve a tremendous amount of success as he won one title after the other.

His unwavering dedication and hard-work paid off and he quickly became an IFBB pro. He eventually qualified to participate at the first Mr. Olympia Men’s Physique Showdown. This contest proved to be a pivotal point in his career, as he got the chance to tour the world and inspire other aspiring bodybuilders. His new-found good luck never betrayed him and he soon got a second opportunity to take part in the Mr. Olympia contest.

Now, in addition to his bodybuilding career, Jeff Seid has also established his own clothing company under the name of SeidWear, which has become a huge hit among his fans. As of today, he also hosts successful YouTube videos, online tutorials, ISSA certified personal training, and fitness competitions. He has even penned down a 150-page book called ‘Guide to Aesthetics’ that is based on his journey to stardom and how he has managed to maintain a strict and healthy lifestyle. This book has been well-received worldwide as many youngsters are inspired by his mantra to follow an aesthetic path.

Personal Life

Jeff Seid was born on 12 June 1994 in Renton, Washington, United States. He has two sisters, Melissa and Kristina. His motto in life is the adage ‘never back down’ as he never allowed his setbacks to get a stronghold over him. He fought against all the odds to alter his destiny and achieve what he had constantly dreamed of. He also strongly believes in living life his own way, so that he has no regrets. Being a Gemini, he is very expressive, quick-witted, sociable and fun-loving by nature. He currently resides in Seattle. His dating status is unknown as he chooses not to disclose his personal life to his followers.

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Jeff Seid's FAQ

  • What is Jeff Seid birthday?

    Jeff Seid was born at 1994-06-12

  • Where is Jeff Seid's birth place?

    Jeff Seid was born in Renton, Washington, United States

  • What is Jeff Seid nationalities?

    Jeff Seid's nationalities is American

  • Who is Jeff Seid siblings?

    Jeff Seid's siblings is Kristina, Melissa

  • How tall is Jeff Seid?

    Jeff Seid's height is 183

  • What is Jeff Seid's sun sign?

    Jeff Seid is Gemini

  • How famous is Jeff Seid?

    Jeff Seid is famouse as Bodybuilder, Fitness Model

  • What is Jeff Seid's facebook?

    Jeff Seid's facebook is

  • What is Jeff Seid's twitter?

    Jeff Seid's twitter is

  • What is Jeff Seid's youtube?

    Jeff Seid's youtube is

  • What is Jeff Seid's instagram?

    Jeff Seid's instagram is

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