Famous people died in 1918

Elmina Wilson

Elmina Wilson

Elmina Wilson was the first woman to receive a four-year civil engineering degree (BSCE) from Iowa State University (ISU)

AmericanSeptember 29, 1870223 views

Karl Ferdinand Braun

Karl Ferdinand Braun was a German physicist and inventor who received the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1909

GermanJune 6, 1850189 views

Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna of Russia

Grand Duchess Anastasia was the youngest daughter of Tsar Nicholas II, the last sovereign of Imperial Russia

RussianJune 18, 190194 views

Alexandra Feodorovna

Alexandra Feodorovna was the last Tsaritsa of the Russian empire

GermanJune 6, 1872107 views

Charles W. Fairbanks

Charles Warren Fairbanks was a US Senator who served as the 26th Vice President of United States

AmericanMay 11, 185289 views

Sai Baba of Shirdi

Shirdi Sai Baba was an Indian spiritual master who was revered by both Hindu and Muslim devotees

IndianSeptember 28, 1835139 views

Ivan Cankar

Ivan Cankar is known as the father of modern Slovene theater in his nation, as his works aimed to protect his native culture

SlovenianMay 10, 1876145 views

William Pitt (Architect)

William Pitt was an acclaimed architect and political figure from Australia

AustralianJune 4, 185573 views

Cesar Cui

Cesar Cui was one of the members belonging to the Russian musical group, ‘The Five’

LithuanianJanuary 18, 1835157 views

Georg Cantor

George Cantor was an established mathematician who defined the cardinal and the ordinal numbers

GermanMarch 3, 1845265 views