Famous people died in 1913

    Menelik II

    Menelik II was the Emperor of Ethiopia from 1889 to 1913

    EthiopianAugust 17, 1844307 views

    Emily Davison

    Emily Davison was a women's suffrage activist in Britain who died after a tragic accident involving King George V's horse Anmer

    BritishOctober 11, 1872110 views

    Konstantinos Tsiklitiras

    Konstantinos Tsiklitiras was a popular Greek Athlete who won goldmedal in standing long jump in 1912 Olympics

    GreekOctober 30, 188897 views

    Harriet Tubman

    Harriet Tubman was an African American abolitionist who led hundreds of enslaved blacks to freedom

    American1820168 views

    Alfred Russel Wallace

    Alfred Russel Wallace was a British scientist and explorer, best known for discovering the concept of evolution by natural selection

    BritishJanuary 8, 1823145 views