Famous people born in 1913

Bill Shankly

Bill Shankly

William Bill Shankly was a Scottish footballer best known as the manager of Liverpool

Bear Bryant

Bear Bryant served as the head coach of the University of Alabama football team for 25 years, leading them to several victories

AmericanSeptember 11, 1913105 views

Stanley Kramer

Stanley Kramer was famous American film producer and director well-known for his 'message films'

AmericanSeptember 29, 1913111 views

Willis Lamb

Willis Eugene Lamb Jr

AmericanJuly 12, 1913102 views

Marguerite Vogt

Marguerite Vogt was a German-born American cancer biologist and virologist best known for her research on polio and cancer.

AmericanFebruary 13, 1913108 views

Stanford Moore

Stanford Moore was an American biochemist who was jointly awarded the ‘Nobel Prize in Chemistry’ in 1972

Roger Wolcott Sperry

Roger Wolcott Sperry was a noted neuropsychologist and neurobiologist who won the 1981 Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine

AmericanAugust 20, 191394 views

John Garfield

John Garfield was an American actor, best known for playing rebels and antiheroes on the big screen

AmericanMarch 4, 1913100 views

Burt Lancaster

Burt Lancaster was one of the most brilliant actors of the American film industry

Trevor Howard

Trevor Howard was an English actor best known for his role of a sensitive doctor in the romantic drama film, ‘Brief Encounter’.