Famous people born in 1854

John Philip Sousa

John Philip Sousa

John Philip Sousa was an American composer and conductor who was renowned for his unmatched mastery in military march compositions

Paul Sabatier

Paul Sabatier was a French organic chemist known for his research works in catalytic organic synthesis

FrenchNovember 5, 1854112 views

George Eastman

George Eastman was an inventor, an entrepreneur and a philanthropist all rolled into one

AmericanJuly 12, 1854121 views

Emil Adolf von Behring

Emil Behring was a famous German physiologist who won the Nobel Prize for discovering an antitoxin for diphtheria

GermanMarch 15, 1854120 views

Paul Ehrlich

Paul Ehrlich was a Nobel Prize winning German scientist who invented the medicine to cure syphilis and diphtheria

GermanMarch 14, 1854120 views

Oscar Wilde

Oscar Wilde was a noted Irish playwright, novelist, poet and essayist

IrishOctober 16, 1854126 views

Leos Janacek

Leos Janacek was a Czech musician who was considered as one of the nation’s great composers for the mature style of writing that he adopted

CzechJuly 3, 1854123 views

Johannes Rydberg

Johannes Rydberg was a Swedish physicist who devised what became known as the Rydberg formula

SwedishNovember 8, 1854110 views

Henri Poincare

Henri Poincaré was a noted French mathematician, theoretical physicist, engineer, and philosopher of science

FrenchApril 29, 1854120 views

Arthur Rimbaud

Arthur Rimbaud was a renowned French poet often regarded as “an infant Shakespeare”

FrenchOctober 20, 1854137 views