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Erica Dixon's Personal Details

Erica Dixon is a well-known American TV personality and realty TV star

BirthdayOctober 12, 1984
FamousTv Personality, Social Media Stars
Childrens Emani Richardson
  • Emory University School of Medicine
Birth PlaceAtlanta, Georgia, United States
MotherMignon Dixon
Net Worth$0.3 million as of Mar 13,2017
Sun SignLibra
Born inAtlanta, Georgia, United States
Famous asTV Personality

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Who is Erica Dixon?

Erica Dixon is an American television actress and reality TV personality, popular for her appearance in ‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’ (2012), ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: After Party Live!’ (2015) and ‘Blaq Gold’ (2015) aired on VH1. After starring in the first 4 seasons, Erica is not a part of season 5 of LLHA. But that hasn’t kept the television-celeb from doing things she wants to. After a few years on TV, Erica has evolved from being a reality TV star to a single mother, to writer and a successful business woman. As an entrepreneur, Erica has many successful business ventures to her credit. These include a personal grooming & lifestyle brand ‘Klass6’ that is exclusively for women and a children's book series titled ‘Southern Bell’. Besides this, Erica is also found supporting various women oriented causes and she is a devoted single mother. A medical technician by education, Erica is also spending some time putting her past educational skills and abilities to good use. In her short journey, Erica has touched many milestones.

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Early Life

While we all know that Erica shot to fame after appearing on an immensely popular reality show on the small screen, her journey from a nobody to somebody is ‘the real untold story’. Erica was the youngest of 9 siblings. She grew up with eight other siblings raised by her uncle and aunt as her mother had a problem of substance abuse. This charismatic television personality did not have a very happy childhood after all. Erica was the youngest of the 9 siblings and they grew up in Atlanta, Georgia. Erica did not experience a normal childhood until the age of 6, when was placed in foster care of a family in Hempstead.

Erica moved back with her mother at the age of 13, but unfortunately things hadn’t changed much. Her mother was still struggling with her drug abuse problem and Erica found herself relocating yet again, but this time with her father. Erica graduated from Forest Park High School and enrolled herself at Atlanta Professional Institute for higher studies. Erica took up the job of a medical biller and coder to support herself through her college day.


Erica met rapper Lil Scrappy (Darryl Richardson), at the Atlanta Professional Institute and the two dated for good 10 years. The relationship went through its ups and downs and they even decided to bring in a child in 2005. All was going well and Erica & Lil Scrappy even got engaged in 2012. Unfortunately, the engagement did not last long and the couple finally called off their relationship in 2012.

After Lil Scrappy, Erica dated O’ Shea Russel for about 2 years. Erica called it off with O’ Shea due to his financial problems. She then moved on to date NFL player, Duke Willams, who was reported to still be in a relationship with his long-time model girlfriend, Nazia.


Erica has a daughter, Emani, from her ex-fiancé, Lil Scrappy. Emani was born on 29th July 2005. Emani’s birth not only changed Erica as a person but also shifted her priorities in life. Erica became more focused on advancing her career to give the child the best possible life.

Destiny's Child

Although Erica studied medical coding and bill transcription, somewhere deep inside she always dreamt of being a known face in the media and fashion industry. As luck would have it, her ticket to fame arrived when she got selected for a reality television show in 2012. Erica joined the star cast of VH-1’s reality TV series, titled “Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta”. This opportunity not only allowed Erica to secure herself financially but also realize her childhood dream of being a successful media personality. After starring in 4 successful seasons of LHHATL, Erica chose to opt-out of season 5. She instead took a bold step to use her fame and recognition to launch her beauty and lifestyle brand ‘Klass6’. The Klass6 Fashion and Klass 6 Premium Hair & Beauty collections offer women an opportunity to stand out in the crowd and look classy.

The Southern Bell

Erica’s entrepreneurial spirit didn’t just stop at launching a fashion and beauty product line. Having survived a troubled childhood, Erica felt the need to voice her experiences of growing up in a disturbed family environment. Through Bell, the protagonist of her children book series ‘The Southern Bell’, Erica wishes to become the voice of those many children who find themselves trapped in a family of drug and alcohol addict parents. Erica hopes that her book series will help heal many other kids and their families, who find themselves in a similar situation.


We often see that trouble follows fame. While Erica has always been known as a happy and spontaneous celebrity, who has roughed out many personal and professional situations, she has had her share of controversies as well. In 2016, the news and a video of the former Love & Hip Hop star Erica Dixon's arrest went viral over the web. As reported by TMZ, the TV celebrity was embroiled in a hostile altercation with several officers for over speeding. To make things worse, the police reportedly said that Erica did not cooperate and misbehaved with the officers on duty. As per sources, Erica tried to flee the scene that prompted the cops to pursue her and eventually book her for misconduct and non-cooperation. Erica was taken for citation to a nearby detention centre, but was released soon after.

While the police authorities showed Dixon as the one who wronged, Erica got the support of minority Americans. With the growing tensions between police and minorities in America, many questioned the allegations made by the police.

Besides this incident, Erica’s epic victory in the court also made headlines on the web. Erica and Lil Scrappy were locked in a fierce battle for Emani’s custody for a long time. However, the courts finally seemed to have made a judgement in favor of Erica. Not only does she get full custody of Emani, but she is also set to receive $45000 in child support.

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Erica Dixon's FAQ

  • What is Erica Dixon birthday?

    Erica Dixon was born at 1984-10-12

  • Where is Erica Dixon's birth place?

    Erica Dixon was born in Atlanta, Georgia, United States

  • What is Erica Dixon nationalities?

    Erica Dixon's nationalities is American

  • Who is Erica Dixon childrens?

    Erica Dixon's childrens is Emani Richardson

  • What was Erica Dixon universities?

    Erica Dixon studied at Emory University School of Medicine

  • How tall is Erica Dixon?

    Erica Dixon's height is 170

  • Who is Erica Dixon's father?

    Erica Dixon's father is M

  • Who is Erica Dixon's mother?

    Erica Dixon's mother is Mignon Dixon

  • What is Erica Dixon's sun sign?

    Erica Dixon is Libra

  • How famous is Erica Dixon?

    Erica Dixon is famouse as TV Personality

  • What is Erica Dixon's facebook?

    Erica Dixon's facebook is

  • What is Erica Dixon's twitter?

    Erica Dixon's twitter is

  • What is Erica Dixon's instagram?

    Erica Dixon's instagram is