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Dominic Panganiban's Personal Details

Dominic Panganiban is a famous animator and YouTuber from Philippines

BirthdaySeptember 27, 1990
NationalityCanadian, Filipinos
FamousYoutubers, Social Media Stars, YouTubers, Vloggers
  • Architectural Science at Ryerson University
Birth PlaceManila
Born CountryPhilippines
Sun SignLibra
Born inManila
Famous asYouTuber

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Who is Dominic Panganiban?

Dominic Panganiban is a famous animator and YouTuber from Philippines. He is best known for his channel ‘Domics’ on which he posts comedic videos that range from anecdotes to social satires. Panganiban generally shares animated videos which tell stories of his life or cover more generalized topics. Having successfully earned more than 4.1 million subscribers on his channel till date, the Filipino-Canadian YouTuber’s simple and detailed drawing-type animations are absolutely praiseworthy. In November 2016, ‘Domics’ became the 94th most subscribed YouTube channel in the world for that month. Apart from this, Panganiban’s content has been featured on many websites such as ‘The Malay Mail Online,’ ‘NewNowNext’ and ‘CBS News' website. Today this young man doesn’t just hold a massive fan base on YouTube, but also on other social networking sites. As of now, Panganiban has about 276k followers on Instagram and about 126k followers on Twitter. Besides this, he is followed by 283k people on Facebook (as of June 2017).

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Dominic Panganiban created his YouTube channel ‘Domics’ in 2012 and began posting his animated videos on the channel. His first video was ‘Domics: Rural’ which was followed by ‘Domics: Laughter Police’, ‘Domics: Kansas vs Arkansas’ and several others. These videos were monochrome animations that generally included Panganiban’s life experiences or more general topics. One of the most popular videos on the channel was released on June 11, 2014. This video titled ‘Butts’ had over 14 million views as well as about 435k likes (as of June 2017).

Some of the other videos that successfully captured the limelight were ‘Domics: Racist Flight Attendant’, ‘ReTales: Flyer Thief’, ‘Charmandon't’, ‘Animation Tutorial: Lip Syncing’ and ‘Dog Interactions’, to name a few. This journey of videos by the Filipino animator continued and today his channel has gained more than 4.1 million subscribers! Apart from this achievement, Panganiban’s content is often featured on websites like ‘The Malay Mail Online’, ‘NewNowNext’ and ‘CBS News' website. In 2014, Panganiban joined the YouTube network named ‘Channel Frederator Network’. Prior to this, he had also worked for the network ‘Fullscreen’ for a short period of time.

Personal Life

Dominic Panganiban was born on September 27, 1990 in Manila, Philippines. Currently, he resides in Canada and does freelance work from there. Before starting his career, Panganiban studied Architectural Science at Ryerson University. According to one of his videos titled ‘My Ancestry Results’, the YouTube star is related to the popular singer Lani Misalucha. In this video it was also mentioned that he is 1% Indian and part Polynesian. Coming to his love life, Panganiban once dated YouTuber K1tana. As for now, he is single and is focussing on his future projects. Besides this, no information regarding Panganiban’s family and personal life is available on web. However, one can still get a glimpse of his life experiences from the videos he shares on his channel.

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Dominic Panganiban's FAQ

  • What is Dominic Panganiban birthday?

    Dominic Panganiban was born at 1990-09-27

  • Where is Dominic Panganiban's birth place?

    Dominic Panganiban was born in Manila

  • What is Dominic Panganiban nationalities?

    Dominic Panganiban's nationalities is Canadian,Filipinos

  • What was Dominic Panganiban universities?

    Dominic Panganiban studied at Architectural Science at Ryerson University

  • What is Dominic Panganiban's sun sign?

    Dominic Panganiban is Libra

  • How famous is Dominic Panganiban?

    Dominic Panganiban is famouse as YouTuber

  • What is Dominic Panganiban's facebook?

    Dominic Panganiban's facebook is

  • What is Dominic Panganiban's twitter?

    Dominic Panganiban's twitter is

  • What is Dominic Panganiban's youtube?

    Dominic Panganiban's youtube is

  • What is Dominic Panganiban's instagram?

    Dominic Panganiban's instagram is

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