Devenity Perkins
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Daniella Perkins
Fullerton, California
Fullerton, California
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Who is Devenity Perkins?

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Being a star was never as easy as it is now with the existence of internet. With the internet, teenagers and youngsters have found a medium to share laughs with their ideas of humor, get popular and also earn money. Joining the list of such virtual world celebrities is Devenity Perkins, a star, who has more than a million followers on the account ‘PerkinsSisters.’ It is not just her fans, but also family members who are impressed by her hilarious videos and help her in making them. Devenity shares her account with her elder sister, Daniella. The teenager has also earned over 100,000 followers on her personal account, ‘littlest_rebel’. When Devenity is not occupied with making videos she goes on adventure trips along with her sister. The social media enthusiast is a very jovial and perky girl who likes to create fun with various situations.

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Devenity Perkins The Meteoric Rise to Stardom

The teenager played the protagonist in the documentary ‘Gina’s Journey: The Search for William Grimes’ (2014) and ‘Senior Slasher’ (2014). Devenity along with her sister Daniella started the WzTheBuzz portal in 2008 and turned it into a business in 2011. The website provides reviews about restaurants, recipes, fashion, and other such things. The reviews are a source of information for many people. The pretty girl is a big hit on and has a decent following on all social media sites. The sisters have 115K followers on Instagram and thousands of subscribers on YouTube as well. Their best videos include ‘Messy Trivia Challenge’, ‘Boyfriend Tag? Dani’s Version’, ‘Taco Bell Challenge’ and ‘Trying Online Dating.’

Devenity Perkins What Makes Devenity So Special

The talented Devenity is curious, spontaneous & energetic. The values that the young star completely follows are integrity, healthy living and equality. When one watches Devenity’s ‘Messy Trivia Challenge’ video one may feel that the sisters are completely insane. But their innocent way of having fun with each other keeps the viewers engrossed and makes them burst into laughter. The girls have no dearth of funky ideas to create funny videos. The cuteness with which Devenity does her videos is what makes her unique.

Devenity Perkins Beyond Fame

Devenity is not very open about her love life but in one of the videos the teenager, along with her sister, tries out online dating. Two boys, whom the girls met online, come to meet them at a joint and they play video games together. The boys play a prank by hiding from them and then joining the girls when they start looking for them. The four have dinner together and then the girls enjoy with their online dates who are actually real life friends.

Devenity Perkins Behind The Curtains

Devenity was born at the Saint Jude Hospital in Fullerton, California, United States. She has a sister who is older to her by nearly three years. The teenager’s sister Daniella Perkins has a boyfriend whose name is Noah. The vlogger has a very intimate bonding with her sibling Daniella and both like to do something silly to make people laugh. The duo has created most of the videos together and it’s simply obvious that they thoroughly enjoy each other’s company.

Devenity Perkins Trivia

Devenity’s pet name is Deven

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Frequently asked questions about Devenity Perkins

  • What is Devenity Perkins birthday?

    Devenity Perkins was born at August 13, 2003

  • Where is Devenity Perkins's birth place?

    Devenity Perkins was born in Fullerton, California

  • What is Devenity Perkins nationalities?

    Devenity Perkins's nationalities is American

  • Who is Devenity Perkins siblings?

    Devenity Perkins's siblings is Daniella Perkins

  • What is Devenity Perkins's sun sign?

    Devenity Perkins is Leo

  • What is Devenity Perkins's twitter?

    Devenity Perkins's twitter is

  • What is Devenity Perkins's youtube?

    Devenity Perkins's youtube is

  • What is Devenity Perkins's instagram?

    Devenity Perkins's instagram is