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Crawford Collins's Personal Details

Crawford Collins is a famous Candaian Vine star and internet celebrity

BirthdayApril 15, 1997
FamousSocial Media Stars, Viners, YouTubers, Internet Celebrity, Viners
SiblingsChristian Collins, Karisma Collins, Kirsten Collins
  • Home-schooled
Birth PlaceCalgary
FatherJohn Collins
MotherStacey Collins
Sun SignAries
Born inCalgary
Famous asViner/Internet Celebrity

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Who is Crawford Collins?

As a kid growing up in suburban Canada, Crawford Collins dreamed of becoming a hockey player. But like most childhood dreams, it wasn’t meant to be. Destiny, however, had other plans for Crawford. Fast forward a decade and the 19-year old is one among the most sought-after virtual world entertainers around, with millions of followers across all social media platforms. Girls adore him. Boys either envy him or want to be like him. But the one constant is how everyone appreciates his debonair charms and sharp wit.
Without further ado, here is a sneak-peek into the journey and inner world of Crawford.

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The Meteoric Rise to Stardom

It’s been more than two years since Crawford first entered the scene as a chirpy, bantering, cute 17-year old Viner. He debuted on Vine on 20 February 2014, with the viral video, ‘How I feel when my phone dies.’ Being the brother of Christian Collins was a big factor in bolstering his prospects in the early stages, but that is not to say that Crawford tasted success solely by riding on his brother’s coattails. For this is a generation that is distracted easily, and the key to staying on top is to be original and interesting – and that’s exactly what Crawford Collins did.

Within five months of his Vine debut, he had as many as 750K followers, and fangirls all over the world were fawning over him. Frequent collaborators include fellow Viners like Jake Foushee and Brent Rivera, and his three siblings often feature in many of his skits. As of October 2016, Crawford has posted around 500 Vines and has a fan following of more than 1.6 million.

What Makes Crawford So Special

Crawford’s spontaneous wit and astonishing good looks have been his USP. Much like his peers, his Vines and YouTube videos often revolve around humorous takes on commonplace situations or adolescent life or current trends. He often incorporates pop culture references into his skits, making them all the more relatable.

Now, how about his likes and dislikes? What gets him excited and what turns him off? Well, to begin with, true to his Canadian roots, Crawford keenly follows ice hockey (he had once fancied becoming a professional hockey player!). But his enthusiasm for sports doesn’t end there. Skateboarding is another of his passions, and in an Q&A session, Crawford revealed that he often goes longboarding when he’s not busy with his social media commitments. As far as musical tastes go, Crawford confesses that he is a big fan of Drake. Childish Gambino and The Weeknd are some of the other artists he often listens to. Selena Gomez is his biggest celebrity crush, while Lady Gaga is someone he doesn’t enjoy listening to. And his greatest fear? Oceans! So, those of you girls whose idea of an ideal date with Crawford involved an evening at the beach and dinner at a seaside restaurant might be in for a disappointment.

Summing up, here is a lad whose tastes are not that different from that of an average youth. And that’s one part of his charm: Crawford Collins is at once familiar and special.

Beyond Fame

The only glitch in the course of Crawford’s eventful but largely scandal-free journey would be that time when he accidentally leaked his brother’s number in one of the videos. The gaffe made him the butt of several jokes, but Crawford was sportive enough to laugh at himself and apologize for the blunder.

He formerly dated Monique (her social media handle is @NamesLarter), and the two broke up in 2014. As of now, Crawford is, by his own admission, “single and ready to mingle.” Now, this is a piece of news that should send the fangirls into a state of frenzy!

When you see the booty?? w/ @weeklychris #throwback

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Behind the Curtains

Much like his elder brother, Crawford was home-schooled. While his elder brother Christian and younger sister Karisma are social media stars, Kirsten – his elder sister – is an actor-turned-singer. ‘The Fantastic Four’ siblings have gone on to prove that they’re not just about striking good looks; it’s obvious that art runs in the blood of the Collins family. With the gift of talent and the luxury of years lying ahead of him, Crawford Collins seems destined for big things, and here is wishing him all the luck in his journey to stardom.

Lmk which cup you think I should fill up with slurpee? More details @SlurpeeCanada ! #BYOCDay

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Crawford’s siblings are equally famous; while Christian and Karisma are social media stars, Kirsten is a pop singer.

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Crawford Collins's FAQ

  • What is Crawford Collins birthday?

    Crawford Collins was born at 1997-04-15

  • Where is Crawford Collins's birth place?

    Crawford Collins was born in Calgary

  • What is Crawford Collins nationalities?

    Crawford Collins's nationalities is Canadian

  • Who is Crawford Collins siblings?

    Crawford Collins's siblings is Christian Collins, Karisma Collins, Kirsten Collins

  • What was Crawford Collins universities?

    Crawford Collins studied at Home-schooled

  • How tall is Crawford Collins?

    Crawford Collins's height is 170

  • Who is Crawford Collins's father?

    Crawford Collins's father is John Collins

  • Who is Crawford Collins's mother?

    Crawford Collins's mother is Stacey Collins

  • What is Crawford Collins's sun sign?

    Crawford Collins is Aries

  • How famous is Crawford Collins?

    Crawford Collins is famouse as Viner/Internet Celebrity

  • What is Crawford Collins's facebook?

    Crawford Collins's facebook is

  • What is Crawford Collins's twitter?

    Crawford Collins's twitter is

  • What is Crawford Collins's youtube?

    Crawford Collins's youtube is :

  • What is Crawford Collins's instagram?

    Crawford Collins's instagram is