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Chase Hudson's Personal Details

Chase Hudson is an American star & internet personality

BirthdayOctober 11, 2001
NationalityAmerican Stars, Social Media Stars, TikTok Stars
Birth PlaceTucson, Arizona
Sun SignLibra
Born inTucson, Arizona
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Who is Chase Hudson?

The suave and magnetic Chase Hudson is a social media influencer, better known as a ‘muser’ owing to his great fan following on the highly used app called ‘’. He has over 330K fans on the app and has 110K followers on ‘Instagram’. Chase Hudson is recognized by ‘’ on most of his social accounts. He also has 858 followers on ‘Twitter’. Well for Chase, quick moves and amusing facial expressions are all that it takes to earn thousands of fans on He is very athletic as well and loves sports; he not only crushes over his favorite sports, but has tried his hand at many of them too. What’s amazing is that he is an excellent player of several sports!

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The Meteoric Rise to Stardom

We have teenagers rooting for him all over the globe. Primarily, his videos on are highly entertaining. Chase started off as ‘’ on ‘YouNow’ after which he joined ‘’ where his recognition expanded tremendously. Like all other teenagers, he began by acquainting himself with social media. After posting several of his videos on his channel, he received a lot of recognition and his videos went viral. He has collaborated with his girlfriend, Mary Kate, referred to as ‘officialMK’ in many videos. His cousins have also featured in his videos. Gradually, his fans started following him on other social media sites like ‘Instagram’ and ‘Twitter’. Soon after, he created his own channel on ‘YouTube’, where he posts not only his videos as a ‘muser’ but also videos of his family, of him playing baseball or him hanging out with his friends and girlfriend.

What Makes Chase Hudson So Special

At first when you watch Chase he may look like an average teenage boy to you, but wait until you see him sway to the music with his distinct expressions! Chase knows exactly how to get you to tune in to his channel. He is multi-talented, he can get you grooving alongwith him or can catch you awe struck when you watch him on the field. No wonder he has so many hearts melting over him.Chase keeps in touch with his fans through live broadcasts over ‘YouNow’, and he interacts with them, keeping them posted about his new videos and his life. Thus, he bridges all gaps of communication when it comes to mingling with his fans. This could explain the huge fanfare that he carries.

Beyond Fame

Apart from being one of the most followed stars, Chase loves to play basketball, his favorite team is ‘Golden State Warriors’. Chase plays baseball, volleyball and football too. He loves to dress casually in sport t-shirts and joggers. His favorite brand is Nike owing to his huge love for everything athletic. Apart from sports, he often posts pictures of himself with his family. He has a large and close-knit family. He has a few cousins who keep trending on his social accounts. Thus, we find him dragging his family and making them a part of his popularity. Chase is inclined towards music, his favorite rapper is Drake. We know he can dance, and he does love to sing too.

Behind The Curtains

Chase is already a craze on social media, but what makes Chase so adorable is that he is crazy about his family. Chase loves his mother to bits; in a Q & A with his mother on YouTube, the bond and transparency that the two share turned evident. Chase loves his father equally. He publically wished his father on his birthday, telling him how important he is in Chase’s life. We are so happy to witness such affection between children and parents! His parents have set a wonderful example of parenting, which is so clear in his upbringing. Chase began dating at a very early age, he fell for the popular internet star Mary Kate in November 2015. Both of them are going strong. It is impossible for anyone to predict the span of their relationship since both of them are exceedingly young, but they pull off as a great pair and most importantly they come across as best friends. There isn’t a doubt that with his youth and charm, Chase is going to stay a sensation on the internet for a long time.


Although Mary Kate is a fellow muser, Chase met her at school first and began dating her soon after.

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Chase Hudson's FAQ

  • What is Chase Hudson birthday?

    Chase Hudson was born at 2001-10-11

  • Where is Chase Hudson's birth place?

    Chase Hudson was born in Tucson, Arizona

  • What is Chase Hudson nationalities?

    Chase Hudson's nationalities is American

  • What is Chase Hudson's sun sign?

    Chase Hudson is Libra

  • How famous is Chase Hudson?

    Chase Hudson is famouse as star

  • What is Chase Hudson's twitter?

    Chase Hudson's twitter is

  • What is Chase Hudson's youtube?

    Chase Hudson's youtube is

  • What is Chase Hudson's instagram?

    Chase Hudson's instagram is

  • What is Chase Hudson's younow?

    Chase Hudson's younow is