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Brandon Westenberg's Personal Details

Brandon Westenberg is an American Internet personality, YouTuber and star

BirthdayApril 11, 2001
NationalityAmerican Stars, Youtubers, Instagram Stars, Social Media Stars, TikTok Stars, YouTubers, Vloggers
Nick namesBeyondBrandon
SiblingsGavin Westenberg, Lance Westenberg
  • Silverado High School
  • Victorville
  • California
Birth PlaceVictorville, California
Sun SignAries
Born inVictorville, California
Famous Star, YouTuber

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Brandon Westenberg's photo

Who is Brandon Westenberg?

Brandon Westenberg is an American Internet personality, YouTuber and star. He has more than 50K subscribers to his YouTube channel while over 500K followers on his Instagram account and over 50K followers on twitter. The short music video app has been revolutionary in bringing at the fore youngsters who have tons of potential to establish themselves as the new generation social media stars. Brandon Westenberg is one such youngster who has gained fame through his short but creative music videos by lip-syncing with popular music across genres. He also has his own YouTube channel where he posts vlogs and prank videos to entertain his viewers. He is smart and funny and knows exactly how to create contents that may grab the attention of his followers. He is being promoted as one of the best musers on the platform since 2016 and his music videos are testament to his creativity and ingenuity.

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Rise to Stardom

Like any other high-school kid, Brandon also had an aspiration to grab fame by the collar. He chose to express his talent through the app. He first started uploading videos in 2014 and slowly but gradually his videos started getting noticed. Very soon the number of followers on the platform started increasing and by middle of 2017, his followers count in rests at close to 500,000.

His USP lies in the fact that he never uses any fancy video editing techniques to create his music videos. They look utterly doable to his viewers and they appreciate his play with expressions.

He created his YouTube channel in 2013, but he started posting regular videos only around the end of 2014. The channel has about 50K subscribers and the number is definitely on the rise. Its content is mostly vlogs, musings and prank videos and he has successfully collaborated with other and YouTube stars. Such names include Maxsoofficial, DownforDominik, Jordyn Jones etc.

He is popular on other social media platforms as well. His Instagram account has more than 500 K followers and the Twitter one, though relatively less popular, has about 50 K followers.

Behind The Curtains

Brandon Westenberg was born on April 11, 2001 in Victorville, California, USA. As a high school kid, Brandon was really into sports. He used to play soccer for his school team of Silverado High School. He also took martial arts classes and immensely enjoyed every minute of it.

Not much is known about Brandon’s parents except that they are of Dutch and Indonesian descent. He has two younger brothers, Lance and Gavin, who feature in many of his videos.

Since 2016, Brandon is in a relationship with Jordyn Jones who is a popular dancer and reality TV personality. Brandon Proposed to Jordyn in a very public video on his channel and since then Jordyn has featured in his YouTube videos and Musical.lys.

Brandon is very young and his youthful honesty reflects in his music videos as well as YouTube videos. He is extremely cute with a shock of curly brown hair and brown eyes that seem to attract viewer’s attentions and make the girls go week in the knees. His delivery is fresh and without any hesitation and he has the capability of taking even the most basic content and making it special by adding his own magic into it.

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Brandon Westenberg's FAQ

  • What is Brandon Westenberg birthday?

    Brandon Westenberg was born at 2001-04-11

  • Where is Brandon Westenberg's birth place?

    Brandon Westenberg was born in Victorville, California

  • What is Brandon Westenberg nationalities?

    Brandon Westenberg's nationalities is American

  • What is Brandon Westenberg nick names?

    Brandon Westenberg's nickNames is BeyondBrandon

  • Who is Brandon Westenberg siblings?

    Brandon Westenberg's siblings is Gavin Westenberg, Lance Westenberg

  • What was Brandon Westenberg universities?

    Brandon Westenberg studied at Silverado High School, Victorville, California

  • How tall is Brandon Westenberg?

    Brandon Westenberg's height is 170

  • What is Brandon Westenberg's sun sign?

    Brandon Westenberg is Aries

  • How famous is Brandon Westenberg?

    Brandon Westenberg is famouse as Star, YouTuber

  • What is Brandon Westenberg's facebook?

    Brandon Westenberg's facebook is

  • What is Brandon Westenberg's twitter?

    Brandon Westenberg's twitter is

  • What is Brandon Westenberg's youtube?

    Brandon Westenberg's youtube is

  • What is Brandon Westenberg's instagram?

    Brandon Westenberg's instagram is

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