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Bart Kwan's Personal Details

Check out all that you wanted to know about Bart Kwan, the famous American vlogger & YouTube personality; his birthday, his family and personal life, fun trivia facts and more.

BirthdayNovember 18, 1985
FamousYoutubers, Social Media Stars, YouTubers, Vloggers
SpousesGeovanna Antoinette
Birth PlaceCalifornia
Net Worth$2 million as of Jun 1,2017
Sun SignScorpio
Born inCalifornia
Famous asYouTuber, Vlogger

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Who is Bart Kwan?

Bart Kwan is a power packed entertainer who is the cofounder of the extremely popular YouTube channel JustKiddingFilms. A Taiwanese-Cantonese, he was born in America. Kwan started the ‘comedy acts’ way too early in life but slamming it off as a career option, he started directing his life towards mainstream professions. However, soon Kwan realized his real calling and together with his friend Joe Jo started the YouTube channel JustKiddingFilms. The main idea was to unabashedly tackle social, contemporary and cultural issues with a comedic nerve. However, they made it a point to capture, touch and play universal sentiments as well. What is interesting to note is that Kwan and Joe share a superb chemistry with each other. Their similar background and early experiences have made their approach to comedy refreshing and revolutionary. This can be proved from the fact that the duo has garnered for themselves an international fanbase of 125 million views and more than 15 million subscribers on YouTube.

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The Meteoric Rise To Stardom

Bart Kwan is a multitalented personality who rose up the ladder of stardom when he initiated the ‘JustKiddingFilms’ channel on YouTube with his partner Joe Jo. Apart from being the co-founder of the popular channel, Kwan also serves as the writer, director and actor in it. It was whilst studying at the University of California, Los Angeles that Kwan was first struck with the idea of having a YouTube channel. ‘JustKiddingFilms’ addresses multiple causes and takes on social, contemporary, and cultural issues with a comedic edge. He bursts myths and parables that have been running deep with a slapstick twist. If you go by the description on YouTube, it says ‘Teaching Good Things in a Bad Way’ which is exactly what videos in ‘JustKiddingFilms’ are all about.

The success of the channel led Kwan to come up with several other channels including ‘JustKiddingParty’ and ‘JustKiddingNews’. He has also come up with a new channel ‘JustKiddingGamer’ where people can enjoy their free time by watching videos of different games. Such has been the fervour and excitement of ‘JustKiddingFilms’ channel that Kwan has been invited to perform internationally, and speak on panels at prestigious film festivals, headline events at prominent universities, and collaborate with award-winning directors, producers, musicians, and other comedians. Apart from the JustKidding network, Kwan initiated the Bart & Geo channel wherein he posts videos of his personal life and the journey with Geo since their big wedding day in 2015. He has also done short films including ‘She Has a Boyfriend’ and ‘GunFu’.

Kwan is also a fitness freak and runs a fitness gym with his wife. Together they also run a fitness channel called Barbell Brigade. In it, runs multiple series that cater to a single or multiple themes. As of June 2017, the series running on Barbell Brigade include Gym Rats, Veins and Gains, Pregnant Powerlifters, Raw Workouts and BB Gym Vlogs. Kwan is also a co-owner of GoForBroke Apparel and a Popbar Franchise with Joe Jo and David So.

Personal Life

Bart Kwan was born on November 18, 1985 in California, USA. His parents divorced when he was six. However, he maintains a healthy relationship with both his father and mother. Kwan developed his comedic skills as a young toddler. All by himself at home while his parents were out for work, the little one entertained himself by sitting in front of camera and doing crazy stuffs and making funny faces. This crept deep into his being and became a part of his personality.

Though he prepared for medicine and joined United States Marine Corps after graduation, he let go all of it to pursue his inherent passion for comedy and entertainment. Together with Joe Jo, he set forth and took a bunch of acting and comedy classes before laying the footwork for Just Kidding Films. Comedy apart, Kwan loves playing the drums and has been playing it since grade 5.

He loves swimming. He has three pet dogs, Meatloaf, Briggy and Fawn. All the while in school and college, Kwan didn’t have a girlfriend who would remain with him for more than 5 months. He feared commitment until he met Geovanna Antoinette whom he dated for five years before walking the aisle in 2015.

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Bart Kwan's FAQ

  • What is Bart Kwan birthday?

    Bart Kwan was born at 1985-11-18

  • Where is Bart Kwan's birth place?

    Bart Kwan was born in California

  • What is Bart Kwan nationalities?

    Bart Kwan's nationalities is American

  • Who is Bart Kwan spouses?

    Bart Kwan's spouses is Geovanna Antoinette

  • How tall is Bart Kwan?

    Bart Kwan's height is 176

  • What is Bart Kwan's sun sign?

    Bart Kwan is Scorpio

  • How famous is Bart Kwan?

    Bart Kwan is famouse as YouTuber, Vlogger

  • What is Bart Kwan's facebook?

    Bart Kwan's facebook is

  • What is Bart Kwan's twitter?

    Bart Kwan's twitter is

  • What is Bart Kwan's youtube?

    Bart Kwan's youtube is,

  • What is Bart Kwan's instagram?

    Bart Kwan's instagram is