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Ashley Nichole's Personal Details

Ashley Nichole is a famous American YouTube personality and social media star

BirthdayDecember 25, 1989
FamousYoutubers, Social Media Stars, YouTubers
SiblingsAlisha Marie
Birth PlaceRiverside, California, USA
Net Worth$50,000 thousands as on May 31,2016
Sun SignCapricorn
Born inRiverside, California, USA
Famous asYouTuber

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Who is Ashley Nichole?

Ashley Nichole is one of YouTube’s up and coming Lifestyle vloggers. Her YouTube channel ‘xoMissAshleyNichole’ has received rave adorations from the viewers within a very short period of time. Her channel has over 700k subscribers and deals with daily lifestyle, fashion along with several DIY and life hack tips thrown in the mix. Her videos have millions views, which stands as a proof to her popularity on the platform and genre. She also has a second channel, exclusively for personal vlogs that depicts the exciting events in her life as a YouTuber.

Ashley Nichole is also popular on other social media platforms. Her Instagram account has similar number of followers as her main YouTube channel. On micro-blogging site Twitter, she has over 89K followers. She is doing quite well through her YouTube career, and as of April, 2017, her net worth is close to 50,000 USD from her earning through the platform and several other endorsement deals.

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The Rise to Stardom

Ashley created her primary YouTube channel in July, 2012 but she started posting videos regularly in her channel only 2014 onwards. She posted her first video on June 10, 2014, almost 2 years after she set up her channel. The video featured her morning routine, what she did before heading out of the house for a typical day.

Her content mostly centers on girly stuff like fashion, beauty and various lifestyle hacks that are being received quite favorably by the viewers with an average of 500,000 views in her videos. She talks about various indispensable hacks to get her viewers sail through life a bit more easily or on a given day what you might do if you are bored to death.

Her younger sister, Alisha Marie, features quite often in her videos and their bonding is very apparent.

Her channel took off really quickly despite the fact that in the initial days the upload rate was quite slow. In her first year she had uploaded just 11 videos! Within nine months from posting her first video, the subscriber count in her channel reached 100,000! Within another year and a half, and quite regular video uploads later, it is hovering somewhere near 730,000 subscribers with about 18 million views.

She regularly features her festive haul videos, showing off her latest purchases, her take on latest fashion trends and hottest makeup fads. She also shares cool tried and tested DIY décor ideas and life hacks. She brightens up her viewers’ lives with cool fashion tips and fashion hacks to make the most boring outfits shine like a diamond! She also does Get Ready With Me (GRWM) routines quite often in her channel.

Ashley has a second vlog channel named ‘AshleyNichole Vlogs’ which she started in July, 2015. This channel features Ashley’s vlogs about her unique and regular experiences. It may be her travel experiences, or that of a photo shoot, or she may be seen talking about a typical day in kitchen, cooking up her favorite recipe.

What Makes Ashley Nichole Special

Ashley is a delight to watch. Her style of delivery is really smart and no-nonsense. At the same time it is funny and entertaining. She does not bore her viewers with unnecessary jabber and gets straight into the topic. She mixes things up very nicely content-wise and it’s never boring to watch her do makeup one day, talk about her wardrobe the other and hear her dishing out great time saving hacks on yet another one. Her creativity led her to start her YouTube channel as an outlet and she has been rocking it right till now.

Behind The Curtains

Ashley Nichole was born on December 25, 1989 at Riverside, California, US. Not much information is available about her family and background except that her younger sister, Alisha Marie, is fellow YouTuber.

She is quite tightlipped about her parents and educational background or relationship status.

Her favorite childhood memory is building forts with furniture and playacting with her sister that they are moving through tunnels and being all medieval about it.

She loves Disney characters and would love to write a children’s book someday.

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Ashley Nichole's FAQ

  • What is Ashley Nichole birthday?

    Ashley Nichole was born at 1989-12-25

  • Where is Ashley Nichole's birth place?

    Ashley Nichole was born in Riverside, California, USA

  • What is Ashley Nichole nationalities?

    Ashley Nichole's nationalities is American

  • Who is Ashley Nichole siblings?

    Ashley Nichole's siblings is Alisha Marie

  • What is Ashley Nichole's sun sign?

    Ashley Nichole is Capricorn

  • How famous is Ashley Nichole?

    Ashley Nichole is famouse as YouTuber

  • What is Ashley Nichole's twitter?

    Ashley Nichole's twitter is

  • What is Ashley Nichole's youtube?

    Ashley Nichole's youtube is

  • What is Ashley Nichole's instagram?

    Ashley Nichole's instagram is