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Alexander Burriss's Personal Details

Alex Burriss (Alex Wassabi) is an American YouTuber and social media celebrity

BirthdayMarch 28, 1990
FamousYoutubers, Instagram Stars, Social Media Stars, YouTubers, Vloggers
SiblingsAaron Burriss
Known asAlex Wassabi
Birth PlaceMontana, USA
Net Worth$3 million
Sun SignAries
Born inMontana, USA
Famous asYouTuber

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Who is Alexander Burriss?

If you are a fan of funny parody videos on YouTube, then there’s no way you would not have heard of Alex Burriss and his YouTube Channel Wassabi Productions or hoiitsroi. Burriss along with his friend Roi Fabito teamed up to make hilarious parodies of music videos and uploaded them. Wassabi Productions currently has over 6.4 million subscribers making it one of the most successful YouTube channels out there! When Burriss was in high school, he was considered to be the class clown who would make everyone laugh. Every day he would wait around the corner right before the bell rang and dive in the class just to make everybody laugh. Not just his page and videos, but Burriss himself is very popular among people, especially ladies. He once confessed he gets sent weird stuff from fans including inappropriate things! His brothers Andrew Burriss and Aaron Burriss are also popular YouTubers. The current net worth of Alex Burriss is more than $250,000!

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The Meteoric Rise to Stardom

Alex Burriss and Roi Fabito first met in middle school in Durham, North Carolina. They used to live in the same neighborhood down the street from each other. They went on to attend high school together where they became best friends. In 2005, Roi wanted to make videos with his friends and asked Alex if he was interested. Alex said yes and that’s how Wassabi Productions began! In 2006, YouTube was created and they uploaded their videos there to share with their family and friends. But not just their family and friends, the general public also loved their videos and in a very short span of time their videos became really popular and started getting a lot of views. Burriss and his friend make lip-sync videos, dance videos and funny videos.

On 7 April 2012 Wassabi introduced two new characters called Rolanda and Richard who both debuted in the ‘Call Me Maybe’ Parody which got over 80 million views in two years! From there on, their YouTube channel gained over 6.4 million subscribers and 2 billion views. Alex and Roi traveled to Florida, Los Angeles and all over the world meeting fans, doing shows, and going on adventures. They also decided to produce weekly videos and post them on Wassabi Wednesdays. Their objective was to make people laugh and inspire Wassabians. Alex Burriss has not limited himself to just YouTube apparently. He has worked in movies like ‘The Duff’, ‘Laid In America’ and ‘This Is How We Never Made Out.’ Currently, Fabito is not a part of Wassabi Productions anymore. He left to pursue his individual goals and the YouTube channel is now in charge of Alex only. He also uploads a lot of videos featuring his girlfriend and himself.

What Makes Alex So Special

Alex Burriss is one of the most popular and funny guys out there, whose videos are genuinely funny and hilarious. His videos and statements actually make you laugh till it hurts in the belly! The fact that he is a handsome man helps his case a lot considering the fact that majority of his fan following consists of women. And since he is also very popular on Vine and Twitter, it makes him one of the most successful Internet stars out there in recent times. Another quality that works in his favour and makes people love him is the fact he gets exactly what this generation finds funny and develops and produces his videos accordingly. In other words, he has his finger on this generation’s pulse!

Beyond The Curtains

Alex Burriss was born in Montana but was raised and grew up in Lexington, Kentucky. He is very close to his siblings, two brothers who are also YouTubers and a sister. In 2015, he began dating fellow YouTuber, Lauren Riihimaki.


He is a social media star on both Twitter and Vine, posting his first Vine video on May 1, 2013.

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Alexander Burriss's FAQ

  • What is Alexander Burriss birthday?

    Alexander Burriss was born at 1990-03-28

  • Where is Alexander Burriss's birth place?

    Alexander Burriss was born in Montana, USA

  • What is Alexander Burriss nationalities?

    Alexander Burriss's nationalities is American

  • Who is Alexander Burriss siblings?

    Alexander Burriss's siblings is Aaron Burriss

  • How tall is Alexander Burriss?

    Alexander Burriss's height is 175

  • What is Alexander Burriss's sun sign?

    Alexander Burriss is Aries

  • How famous is Alexander Burriss?

    Alexander Burriss is famouse as YouTuber

  • What is Alexander Burriss's facebook?

    Alexander Burriss's facebook is

  • What is Alexander Burriss's twitter?

    Alexander Burriss's twitter is

  • What is Alexander Burriss's youtube?

    Alexander Burriss's youtube is

  • What is Alexander Burriss's instagram?

    Alexander Burriss's instagram is