Famous Agricultural Scientists - List of Famous Agricultural Scientists

Agricultural scientists study and provide solutions to various aspects of agricultural activities. Their study and evaluation of agricultural productivity have played a vital role for better production of crops. The responsibilities of agricultural scientists involve formulation of scientific methods and implement those methods successfully to get better result in agricultural productivity. These scientific methods play a key role in developing and maintaining safe standards of food production. An agricultural scientist’s job includes collection and analysis of samples of agricultural produce, fertilizers and soil. Based on the collected data, they conduct experiment and surveys to better understand the farming needs of a particular region. Besides conducting research on food, plants, dairy products and animals, agricultural scientists devote time to educate farmers and other agriculturists on scientific farming methods, disease of crops and livestock, proper usage of pesticides and methods to improve the condition of soil Based on various requirements of agricultural communities, they provide suitable solutions for better agricultural output. The agricultural scientists also study various factors of environment that affect commercial crop production and animal breeding. Supervising proper operation of farm machinery is also one of the duties of agricultural scientists. Listed below are the biographies, including trivia, timelines and personal and professional information, of some of the most famous agricultural scientists who have dedicated their lives to this science.

The Most Famous Agricultural Scientists

Norman BorlaugMarch 25, 1914AmericanNorman Borlaug was an American biologist known as the “Father of the Green Revolution”
George Washington CarverJanuary 1, 1864AmericanGeorge Washington Carver was an American scientist and inventor
M. S. SwaminathanAugust 7, 1925IndianDr

Norman Borlaug

Norman Borlaug was an American biologist known as the “Father of the Green Revolution”

AmericanMarch 25, 1914389 views

George Washington Carver

George Washington Carver was an American scientist and inventor

AmericanJanuary 1, 1864211 views