Famous Sarod Players - List of Famous Sarod Players

Sarod players are those musicians who play the sarod, a musical instrument which originated in India and is categorised under string instruments. They have an important place in the world of classical music. Sarod which is a vital instrument in Indian classical music is famous for the enchanting deep and meditative sound that it produces. Sarod players have played a crucial role in representing the heritage of rich musical culture of India abroad. The playing techniques of sarod differ on the basis of the design of this instrument. Generally this musical instrument contains 17 to 25 strings. Later, the composition of this instrument has been modified to give it a simple look by a renowned Indian sarod player. This sarod maestro has developed his innovative technique of sarod playing on the basis of vocal music. As part of his innovation in sarod playing, he has removed sarod’s resonant gourd which other sarod schools use till now. Another design of sarod contains eight main strings and two chikari strings and the entire instrument is longer than other type of sarod. The creator of this particular design of sarod is a prominent sarod player of India. Read on to browse through a list of world famous sarod players and read their biographies and timelines.

The Most Famous Sarod Players

Ali Akbar KhanApril 14, 1922IndianAli Akbar Khan was a great Hindustani classical musician
Ali Akbar Khan

Ali Akbar Khan

Ali Akbar Khan was a great Hindustani classical musician

IndianApril 14, 1922156 views