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Nathan Triska's Personal Details

Check out all that you wanted to know about Nathan Triska, the famous American Vlogger & YouTube Personality; his birthday, his family and personal life, his girlfriends, fun trivia facts and more.

BirthdayJune 11, 1999
NationalityAmerican Stars, Youtubers, Instagram Stars, TikTok Stars, Viners, YouTubers, Vloggers
  • Highland High School
  • Hardy
  • Arkansas
Birth PlaceSeattle, Washington
MotherLynn Debra Faulkner
Sun SignGemini
Born inSeattle, Washington
Famous Star, Viner, YouTuber

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Who is Nathan Triska?

Humor is something that has universal appeal, beyond language barriers. The new breed of social media stars have made humor their weapon and have stormed into the world of entertainment. With platforms that offer a host of customizable options in regards of time and length of videos, these youngsters exploit their creative ingenuity to engage their users. Nathan Triska is just 17 years old and has been at the social media arena for five years now. His content, across multiple platforms, mostly consists of hilarious pranks and extremely funny comments/rants. Some of them are original while others follow popular trends. Nathan has been active in Twitter since 2012 and has 134K followers in his account. He is relatively new to the YouTube scene, uploading his first video in 2015. But the account has been quite popular with 220K+ subscribers and over 3 million views. The social media platform that he has taken by storm is YouNow, a relatively under-utilized live webcast service, where he has more than 8 million total views and 550K+ fans!

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The Meteoric Rise to Stardom

Nathan has been active in social media since 2012 through Twitter. His first tryst with live video content began when he started experimenting in Vine and its 6-second long looping video format. He uploaded a host of videos under the profile name ThatWhiteKid and people found them entertaining. Soon he had a sizable following on the platform. He subsequently branched out to other platforms like YouTube with videos of longer durations and YouNow, where he could interact with his fans live, in real time. His fanbase followed him there too and their numbers continue going up. His recent videos focus on hilarious pranks, customary roasts, song lyrics pranks—in short, all that is super entertaining at the moment. He has a very unique personal style that is very boy-next-door. His messy golden-brown hair and sparkly blue eyes draw the viewers’ attention immediately. He has recently launched his own website,, where he posts his videos, updates tour schedules, and even features personalized merchandise for sale. If that is not a yardstick of success, then what else is? According to his website, he has tours scheduled for the year 2017 to interact with his fans live–Digitour Winter, Playlist Live, and VidCon are some of them. Excited, aren’t you?

What Makes Nathan Triska So Special

Nathan’s USP lies in the fact that his videos do not intimidate the viewers. His Vine videos are simple, straightforward, and high on humor. No crazy editing and no usage of high end devices to shoot. These videos look like something an ordinary teenager, just starting out in social media, can achieve. He has tackled issues that adolescents face from parents or at school from teachers. It becomes super easy to identify with someone if they come up with content that resemble real life situations. In his videos, short or long, he comes off as this energetic, funny yet smart, and cool teenager. He is extremely considerate of his fans, and calls them his family. He entertains a host of requests from them on social media, designing his content based on that. So much love is sure to attract more love in return!

Beyond Fame

So far the social media enthusiasts have been kind to this teenager. His videos haven’t really received much negativity from the viewers. One of the reasons for this might be the fact that his videos feature content that is suitable for viewers of all age groups. They are funny yet clean, which a commendable feat in today’s context where everybody is hell is bent on taking the easy road to fame by posting vulgar content. There have been no known linkups regarding Nathan. Nor has he ever featured directly in any controversy. It is an impressive feat considering most of his peers can’t really wait to court controversy by throwing themselves into verbal wars in the social media or just by being bratty.

Behind the Curtains

Not much is known about his personal life. We do not know whether he has any sibling since he hasn’t really talked about those aspects of his life in his videos. We know that when he was young, he had a passion for writing. He is a senior at the Highland High School in the town of Hardy, Arkansas. His mother’s name is Debra Faulkner and she is apparently very supportive of Nathan’s social media career. He has recently featured collab videos on his YouTube channel with other renowned YouTubers like Baby Ariel, Weston Koury and Blake Gray making hilarious videos about how to tell if your crush likes you back and some obscure whispering antics.

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Nathan Triska's FAQ

  • What is Nathan Triska birthday?

    Nathan Triska was born at 1999-06-11

  • Where is Nathan Triska's birth place?

    Nathan Triska was born in Seattle, Washington

  • What is Nathan Triska nationalities?

    Nathan Triska's nationalities is American

  • What was Nathan Triska universities?

    Nathan Triska studied at Highland High School, Hardy, Arkansas

  • How tall is Nathan Triska?

    Nathan Triska's height is 163

  • Who is Nathan Triska's father?

    Nathan Triska's father is L

  • Who is Nathan Triska's mother?

    Nathan Triska's mother is Lynn Debra Faulkner

  • What is Nathan Triska's sun sign?

    Nathan Triska is Gemini

  • How famous is Nathan Triska?

    Nathan Triska is famouse as Star, Viner, YouTuber

  • What is Nathan Triska's twitter?

    Nathan Triska's twitter is

  • What is Nathan Triska's instagram?

    Nathan Triska's instagram is