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Michael Clifford's Personal Details

All about Australian musician and social media star, Michael Gordon Clifford; his age, birthday, girlfriends, net worth, family, and some fun facts.

BirthdayNovember 20, 1995
FamousMusicians, Social Media Stars, Musicians, Guitarists
  • Norwest Christian College
Birth PlaceSydney
FatherDaryl Clifford
MotherKaren Clifford
Sun SignScorpio
Born inSydney
Famous asMusician & Social Media Star

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Who is Michael Clifford?

Michael Clifford is one of the most defining stars of the current generation. He is not only the face and voice of ‘5SOS’ (5 Seasons of Summer), but also the pop-rock band’s lead guitarist. The band came into limelight when they began uploading music videos and cover songs to YouTube. Together with other band members – Luke Hemmings, Calum Hood and Ashton Irwin - Michael has transformed his career by breaking barriers using only the means of social media to become globally recognized. He is a huge sensation on social platforms, with fans from all over the world rooting for this Australian musician. He has 7.67 million followers on his ‘Twitter’ account, and 4.7 million fans on ‘Instagram’. The band has a YouTube channel, where they upload music videos, on their collaborative account they have 3.6 million subscribers with over 600 million views.

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The Meteoric Rise to Stardom

Michael met Luke and Calum at school. Since their common interest was music, they would hangout a lot together, and slowly began composing music. Luke created a YouTube channel, and the trio would post their covers of famous artists such as Chris Brown and Mike Posner to the channel. Soon they started receiving 600k views and then a million for their videos. It was in 2011 that the band was finally formed, with the inclusion of Irwin. Irwin was a drummer, and with him around their band was now complete with 3 guitarists and a drummer. They began creating music videos and promoted them on ‘Twitter’ and Facebook’. When Louis Tomlinson of ‘One Direction’ chanced upon their music video, he liked the band and shared a link of their video on social media. This made them world famous; they developed their music and lyrics by working with top composers and songwriters, and even signed a contract with Sony ATV Music Publishing. Soon their songs were placed in the top 20 music charts in Australia and New Zealand. They performed in the opening act of One Direction’s tour in 2013, later going on to release their single ‘She Looks So Perfect’. In 2014, they released their self-titled debut album that received fabulous reviews and boosted the career of the young band, winning them an award from the UK-based ‘Kerrang’ magazine.


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What Makes Michael So Special

Green eyed, funky and flirtatious –precisely describes this band member of 5SOS. Known to dye his hair with bizarre colors, he is adventurous and attractive. Michael has his way with women, he loves flirting and is most of the time garnering female attention with his effortless charm. Since music is his passion and his first love is his guitar, he spends most of his time creating music. He has a soulful voice that isn’t raspy nor too soft. Though he might seem as one who loves constant glitz, but in reality it isn’t so, and he loves taking long quiet walks on the beach and prefers tranquility.


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Beyond Fame

Beyond all the paparazzi, Michael is like any other ordinary boy who loves munching on his favorite food (mostly pizza) and playing video games. He is also fond of movies, his favorite being ‘Forest Gump’. He shares a wonderful rapport with his band members and works hard to create new tunes, mainly focusing on improving his music skills. He takes inspiration from the band ‘All Time Low’. He believes that he can achieve all, hence he got “To the Moon” tattooed on his arm. He has mentioned that he may have minor OCD as he can’t do without tying a double not on his shoelaces and washes his hands around 20 times a day. He is so obsessed with food that he loves wearing food printed boxers, and considers it his signature style.


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Behind The Curtains

He was born in Sydney, Australia to Karen and Daryl. He is the only child of his parents. Though he is Australian he has English, German, Irish and Scottish ancestors. He attended Norwest Christian College but dropped out to embark on his career. Both his parents have been supportive of his career choice and his decision to discontinue schooling. Michael has mentioned in an interview, that he considers his fans as family. He has had quite a few romantic flings in the past; his ex- girlfriend Geordie Gray is still his good friend. After his relationship with Geordie came to an end, he dated the gorgeous actress, Abigail Breslin but the couple didn’t last long together. He is presently dating Crystal Leigh, as mentioned by Pete Wentz in an interview, but the couple haven’t come out in the open about their relationship yet.

Hi I played this song for you

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Michael Clifford's FAQ

  • What is Michael Clifford birthday?

    Michael Clifford was born at 1995-11-20

  • Where is Michael Clifford's birth place?

    Michael Clifford was born in Sydney

  • What is Michael Clifford nationalities?

    Michael Clifford's nationalities is Australian

  • What was Michael Clifford universities?

    Michael Clifford studied at Norwest Christian College

  • How tall is Michael Clifford?

    Michael Clifford's height is 185

  • Who is Michael Clifford's father?

    Michael Clifford's father is Daryl Clifford

  • Who is Michael Clifford's mother?

    Michael Clifford's mother is Karen Clifford

  • What is Michael Clifford's sun sign?

    Michael Clifford is Scorpio

  • How famous is Michael Clifford?

    Michael Clifford is famouse as Musician & Social Media Star

  • What is Michael Clifford's twitter?

    Michael Clifford's twitter is https://twitter.com/Michael5SOS

  • What is Michael Clifford's youtube?

    Michael Clifford's youtube is https://www.youtube.com/user/5sosvevo

  • What is Michael Clifford's instagram?

    Michael Clifford's instagram is https://www.instagram.com/michaelclifford/