To a duel! Celebrities fought for by men

To a duel! Celebrities fought for by men 1

Nothing changes in the world. As in past centuries, duels are made because of beautiful women, and men become direct participants in the fights.

It’s good that star duels today do not end in murder, but only with rumored sides and bruises. But they make a lot of noise, and photos of beaten famous men do not leave the pages of famous publications for a long time. Of course, in many conflicts that have led to a public fight, one must look for a woman who is fatal and dazzlingly attractive. And there is probably nothing surprising that the scene of two men fighting sometimes just amuses her, and she is angel-soaring over this serious duel …

Kim Kardashian

Star fights: star beauties, for whom men fought -

Socialite Kim Kardashian can be calm for her honor and safety when Her husband Kanye West is nearby. The mighty rapper will never let her offend, as eloquently evidenced by an incident in a massage parlor. When the Hollywood star appeared here, she met a guy at the very entrance who drove away annoying photographers from her, but at the same time swore sophisticatedly at Kim Kardashian, not forgetting about West. Resentful to tears, Kim, of course, complained to her husband. The hot-tempered and quick rapper quickly rushed to the massage parlor. When he appeared before the young boor, it became clear to everyone that the duel would not take place, but would be just, figuratively speaking, beating the baby. Kanye managed to slightly pat the guy before the police arrived. Grubiyan was frightened at first, but, having calmed down, decided to sue the rapper.

Eva Mendes

Star fights: star beauties, for whom men fought -

Spectacular Latin American Eva Mendes turned the head of Hollywood handsome Ryan Goslingso much that he obediently walked literally on her heels, throwing loving glances at the actress. Their relationship has already lasted more than a year and was not particularly advertised. But one day, the always calm and unflappable Ryan exploded with righteous anger and almost beat up the photographer at the premiere of the film “The Place Under the Pines.” He threw the phrase “Hey baby!” at Eva Mendes and waited for her reaction. I wish he hadn’t done that! Enraged by the sassy behavior of the paparazzi, Ryan jumped up to him and wanted to deal with the photographer in a masculine way. Eva barely managed to stop the fight and separate the guys. And then everything became immediately clear to everyone: behind the external equanimity of Ryan lies a deep, passionate love for Eve, and for her honor he is always ready to stand with the help of fists.

Halle Berry

Star fights: star beauties, for whom men fought -

Dark-skinned beauty Halle Berry does not know the recoup of star men who are ready for her to take any chivalrous act. Although in our case, everything that was happening could be called a uniform disgrace. When Gabrielle Aubrey, a former lover, and part-time fashion model, appeared on Holly’s doorstep, there was a thunderstorm in the air. He came to meet his daughter Lalu, because of which he even had to sue Berry. And when I saw her fiancé with a shining smile, the French actor Olivier Martinez, the good mood evaporated and was replaced by rage towards a more successful opponent. He attacked the Frenchman, striking him. Olivier turned out to be the guy of a reluctant dozen and gave him change. A frightened Holly had to call the police, who could hardly separate the duelists. As a result, Aubrey had a broken rib, and Martinez injured his arm and neck. Later, Gabriel will be forbidden to approach Holly’s house even with a cannon shot, so as not to injure his daughter and her star mother.

Miranda Kerr

To a duel! Celebrities fought for by men 6To a duel! Celebrities fought for by men 8

Miranda Kerr, a lovely lady with cute dimples on her cheeks, is considered a real thunderstorm for celebrities. In the set traps of her sexual charm fall for the most part billionaires and star actors. And the queen of the world podium does not particularly ceremony with them: if any of them bothers, she ruthlessly breaks off any relationship. Remaining at the same time an apple of discord between men who, not sparing their stomachs, fight for the honor of this sweet beauty.

For example, Orlando Bloom, considered the ex-husband of Miranda (divorce proceedings had already been launched), could not stand when singer Justin Bieber unequivocally spoke about his ex-wife. Like, “she was good” and it’s impossible to forget her until now. The hero of “Pirates of the Caribbean” flew at the rapper like a kite. After receiving a physiognomy, Bieber cowardly fled the battlefield. And in vain then the press attaché of the famous singer tried to restore his status quo: they say, Justin deliberately did not want to give up and showed prudence. The audience of the institution, whereby chance there were duelists, had a different opinion. And in May 2014, two Australian billionaires, James Packer and David Gingell – hitched on one of the streets of Sydney. The mere mention of Miranda Kerr’s name in a bad tone on David’s part was the beginning of a violent fight. Two respectable men rolled on the asphalt, mutating each other, squealing and shouting curses. The paparazzi laughed heartily, fixing everything on film. And the reason for this street duel was the accusation of Packer that he is in a love affair with Miranda and abandoned his wife and two children to the mercy of fate.


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Pop diva Rihanna was still that thing and divided her heart into two famous rappers: Chris Brown and Canadian Drake. Although the first one seems to have once saved her life. When Rihanna choked on a salty nut in a nightclub, Chris carried the singer out of the institution in his arms and, deftly hitting her back, knocked out a nut. The love affair between them was called insane by many. And it ended with a February night when the violent rapper almost strangled Rihanna. To forget the breakup with Chris Brown, the star found nothing better than to throw herself into the arms of Drake. Probably, this circumstance was the beginning of the duel on bottles, which rappers started in a nightclub, finding themselves at neighboring tables. And the spark for the grand fight was a note given by Drake to Chris Brown, which spoke about the passionate relationship of the Canadian with Rihanna. The irascible Chris immediately turned on, and the nightclub turned into a battlefield of fierce battle, in which visitors also suffered. A couple of duelists, it must be said, managed to wash off before the police arrived.

Liam Hemsworth

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Yes, this is not a joke, it’s exactly the opposite: when Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus were married, she stood up for her soul mate … wife! It was in one of the nightclubs where the star couple rested. One of the visitors allowed himself to behave incorrectly in the direction of celebrities and, before Hemsworth could understand what was happening, his charming wife rushed into a fistfight. Apparently, the image of a hooligan for Miley is not at all far-fetched – the singer admits that she is really very irascible, and cannot restrain herself when she wants to take revenge on the offender.

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