Only love: simple husbands of Hollywood beauties

Only love: simple husbands of Hollywood beauties 1

We will tell you about celebrities who chose ordinary men who are far from their status. And let’s start with today’s bride – Britney Spears!

Britney Spears and Sam Asghari

Britney Spears and Sam Asghari

He met on the set of the Slumber Party video, and the inflated handsome dancer Sam immediately attracted the attention of the singer – no, not with appearance, but with a joke. “Excuse me, could you repeat what your name is?” he asked the pop diva, and after a short conversation, he left her his number. The singer did not call back immediately – six months of tedious waiting passed before they met again. And it spun! Starting in 2017, they officially became a couple and began to go out and relax together. Later, in 2019, when Spears finds himself in a psychiatric clinic, it is Asghari who will show touching care. According to sources close to the singer, Sam constantly visited his beloved, brought her healthy food, and tried to cheer her up in every possible way. As Britney herself will say, it was he who helped her survive the most difficult years of her life. Asghari was her support in court when the singer was required to be steadfast in a scandalous case against her own father. Freed from custody, the star began to prepare for the wedding – after all, in September, her lover proposed to her, giving her a platinum ring with diamonds and an engraving “Lioness” (“Lioness”, as he affectionately calls Britney). Today, on the birthday of the singer, Sam posted a touching joint photo from their vacation. It remains to wait for a luxurious wedding!

Jessica Alba and Kesh Warren

Stars who married ordinary people

Popular actress Jessica Alba greatly surprised the public when she chose not the same star actor as her companions, but an ordinary man. The actress met Cash Warren on the set of the film Fantastic Four, where she played one of the main roles. And the girl’s chosen one was a modest assistant director who performed any assignments on the project. Surprisingly, Alba almost immediately drew attention to Kesh, despite the abundance of fans from the acting environment. At first, their union caused many rumors and seemed short-lived. However, young people proved that love does not know the difference in status: the couple is absolutely happy, they have two charming daughters and a young son. By the way, Warren himself seems to have retrained from an assistant director to a film producer. However, there are still no popular projects on his account.

Lisa Kudrow and Michelle Stern

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The relationship between the star of the cult series”Friends” Lisa Kudrow and the head of the advertising agency Michel Stern is different from many others. The couple met while Lisa was working on the series. However, it cannot be said that Kudrow jumped into the arms of a handsome Frenchman. On the contrary, the actress, who for a long time had complexes about her unusual appearance, did not even try to please her future husband.

In addition, Kudrow in life turned out to be extremely modest, which cannot be said about her serial heroine. However, this did not bother Michel at all. Having achieved Lisa’s attention, the man did not deviate from her one step. The couple has been happily married for over twenty years and has an adult son.

Anne Hathaway and Adam Shulman

celebrity husbands

The actress Anne Hathaway continues our list of Hollywood beauties who have tied the knot with simple and far from show businessmen. The chosen one of the actresses was Adam Shulman – in the past an aspiring actor, and now a jewelry designer. The couple met not at a party, as one might think, but in the company of mutual friends. And by the time they met, Adam was in a romantic relationship with a certain girl. However, the meeting with the attractive Ann so turned the head of the young man that by the next date with Hathaway, Shulman was already free. The courtship of the young man drove the popular actress crazy. And after a while, Adam proposed to Ann. A year after the engagement, the couple got married, now the couple is raising two children.

America Ferrer and Ryan Pierce Williams

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The star of the sensational series “Ugly Betsy” connected her life with a man who is completely far from the glory of his chosen one. The girl married her long-time friend and lover, Pierce Williams. The wedding of the couple was held in a modest and cozy atmosphere in the circle of relatives and friends of the young. By the way, America has known Ryan for a long time, since he was at university. Before the wedding, the young people lived together for four years, and in 2011 they finally legalized their relationship.

Julia Roberts and Danny Moder

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In the love story of “Pretty Woman” Julia Roberts and a simple assistant cameraman Danny Moder flew around all the tabloids. The couple met on the set of the film “Mexican”, where Julia played one of the main roles, and Danny was an assistant cameraman. Friends, and fans, still wonder how the attention of one of the highest-paid and popular actresses in Hollywood was attracted by an ordinary and completely distant from the world of show business guys. But be that as it may, Roberts’ capricious temper was only curbed by Danny. And the battle for Moder was real: the fact is that the man at the time of the beginning of the relationship with the actress was married. And in order to settle all the affairs without unnecessary problems, Julia paid the ex-wife of her chosen one considerable compensation. However, this step caused considerable gossip in society, where Roberts was called and a destroyer of marriage. But, despite the gossip, the couple soon got married, had three children and, it would seem, gave the impression of a loving and strong family. However, after twelve years of marriage, the union of Roberts and Moder collapsed, they say, due to excessive control and jealousy of the Hollywood actress.

Reese Witherspoon and Jim Toth

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It cannot be said that the chosen one Reese Witherspoon is far from show business. However, being a fairly well-known acting agent in his circles, Jim Toth still lost in popularity to Reese. But this fact did not bother the actress at all – the couple got married a year after their acquaintance, in 2011, they have a nine-year-old son. A few years ago, there were rumors in the press that young people were going to get a divorce. Witherspoon and Thoth have problems, for example, eight years ago, the couple was detained for drunk driving. In addition, after a break in his career, Jim decided to return to the profession, which his wife does not like very much. However, it is difficult to find out the whole truth about their relationship, we can only hope that talk of divorce is just gossip.

Marcia Cross and Tom Mahoney

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Red-haired beauty Marcia Cross, the star of the popular television series DesperateHousewives, tied the knot with an ordinary financial broker. With Tom Mahoney, the actress began dating, while still starring in the project. And ten years ago, the couple got married, and just three months later, Cross announced her long-awaited pregnancy. By the way, Marcia did not have to stop filming in the series, which made her successful at this time – her pregnancy was perfect for the script.

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