Star beauties who themselves proposed to the guys

Star beauties who themselves proposed to the guys 1

And we ended up marrying them. True, some quickly divorced… But still, we admire their courage!

What if your boyfriend can’t propose to you? For the stars from our selection, the answer is obvious: ask him to marry you. Someone in this way created a strong and happy family, and someone such a hasty initiative did not lead to good.

Dilara Zinnatulina

Ksenia Sobchak, Alisher Morgenstern, wedding, married, Dilara

Morgenstern’s bodyguards managed to capture the moment when the musician’s beloved gives him the cherished box. The rapper was literally dumbfounded, and after a short pause said “yes” in response to her offer. After posting the video, Alisher arrogantly explained: “Girls, envy me, I’m going out for … Wife. It is difficult to imagine greater happiness for a woman of the year.” In the summer, the couple officially registered their relationship and are happy together.


Star beauties who themselves proposed to the guys 4

Pink asked motorcycle racer, Cary Hart, to marry her in 2005 when he was competing in the Finals of the Pro 250 class. As Hart began his third lap of the track, Pink, sitting in the stands, held up a banner that read, “Will you marry me?” Hart accepted the singer’s proposal, and they married in Costa Rica in 2006. And still happy together!

Diane von Furstenberg

Star beauties who themselves proposed to the guys 6

The designer, who is called the American Coco Chanel, several times rejected the proposals of businessman Barry Diller, but then abruptly took matters into her own hands. “One day I didn’t know what to give him for his birthday. You know, if you want, I’ll marry you on your birthday,” she told O Magazine. It turned out to be a good gift! The couple has been in an official relationship since 2001.

Kristen Bell

Star beauties who themselves proposed to the guys 8

Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell have wanted to get married for a long time. But they decided to postpone this until the moment when all lovers in California, regardless of gender, could legally marry. As soon as the Supreme Court’s decision on same-sex marriage was made, the actress immediately proposed to Dax. And through social networks. “Are you marrying me?” she wrote in June 2013. And the actor, of course, answered in the affirmative. The couple married four months later and is now considered one of the strongest in Hollywood.

Britney Spears

Star beauties who themselves proposed to the guys 10

It started with Britney with her ex-husband Kevin Federline all very romantic. In the midst of the novel, the couple flew from Ireland to New York. “All of a sudden, I said, ‘Are you thinking about getting married?’ and kind of continued that phrase by asking him if he would marry me,” the singer told Entertainment Weekly. He married, but three years later the couple divorced. “Marrying Britney Spears had a depressing effect on me,” Kevin later recalled in various interviews. Perhaps the girl should not have taken the initiative, putting pressure on her boyfriend.

Lindsay Vonn

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The Olympic gold champion, the star of alpine skiing, gave her boyfriend, hockey player P.K. Subban, a surprise for Christmas. “On our two-year anniversary, I asked Pi Kay to marry me… and he said yes,” Lindsay wrote on social media.

In fact, Subban himself had already proposed to Vonn a few months ago. But Lindsay didn’t understand why she couldn’t respond in kind. “We talk about equality, but actions are more important than words. Men should get engagement rings too, and that’s what P.K. deserves. I can’t wait to marry you, baby,” she said publicly.

Jennifer Hudson

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David Otunga first proposed to Jennifer, but she decided not to lag behind and in turn asked him to marry her on his birthday. In addition, she presented a ring with a five-carat diamond. Unfortunately, after living together for 10 years, the couple announced their separation.

Elizabeth Taylor

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The legendary Hollywood movie star had seven husbands, but she herself proposed only one. She asked British actor Michael Wilding, who was 20 years her senior, to marry her. After he said yes, they tied the knot in 1952. They had two children, Michael and Christopher, but eventually, Elizabeth and Michael divorced.


Natalia Chistyakova-Ionova with her husband Alexander Chistyakov

Natalia Chistyakova-Ionova proposed to her future husband herself, saying during the party: “Take me as a wife! You won’t find a better one.” He groaned, but a couple of weeks later he came to his beloved with a ring symbolizing consent. The singer is still grateful to fate that at such a young age (she was 20 years old) she met her only one and made the right choice.

Judith Sheindlin

Star beauties who themselves proposed to the guys 19

The American TV presenter, lawyer, and writer met her current husband, Judge Jerry Shandling, at a bar. Even after the affair had been going on for months, the boyfriend didn’t really want to lose his bachelor status, and Judith asked him to marry her herself.

“I proposed to him,” Shandling told DuJour. I asked him, ‘Where is this relationship going?’ and he tried to break out of it with the eternal masculine, well, you know, “why should we get married?” Finally, he capitulated.”

It’s funny, Judith and Jerry divorced in 1990. A year later, they got married again. They now have five children and 11 grandchildren.

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