Parents are not chosen: stars who were born in the families of criminals

Parents are not chosen: stars who were born in the families of criminals 1

In the biographies of these celebrities there are dark stories that they do not like to remember, but can not hide.

Woody Harrelson

Woody Harrelson, personal life, family, photos

Woody Harrelson was raised by one mother Diana, who did not hide the identity of the father of the son, but did not particularly like to talk about him. However, Diana did not tell a bad thing about her ex-husband – Charles Harrelson – but she reacted somewhat nervously to all the boy’s questions. And there were reasons for that — and criminal ones at that. The fact that his father is a hired killer, Woody learned at the age of 11 and not at all from his own mother. By chance, in a crime report on the radio, he heard about the arrest of the killer of District Judge John Wood – the name “Charles Harrelson” sounded. The boy hoped to the last that this was the full namesake of his own father and did not believe that he was capable of a terrible crime. But, as it turned out, this crime was not the only one in Charles’s criminal biography. Years earlier, Harrelson Sr. had spent five years behind bars for the murder of a drug dealer. Then Charles faced a life sentence, but suddenly the main witness of the crime disappeared, and the criminal received 15 years, of which he served only five and was released for good behavior.

11 years after the first murder, Charles accepted a deadly order from a drug cartel to kill District Judge John Wood, nicknamed “Max John.” Wood was notorious for being ruthless to traffickers in illegal drugs and sentenced them to very long terms, and just before his death he had to consider the case of one of the “cones” of the drug cartel. The judge was shot in the back in May 1979, and the killer was detained almost immediately. This time, all the evidence was against Charles and he could not turn away. Harrelson Sr. received two life sentences. Woody visited his father in prison more than once and admitted that he had mixed feelings for him. After Charles’ death in 2007 at the age of 68, the Hollywood actor tried to whitewash his late father’s name, but to no avail. All charges remained in force.

Leighton Mister

Leighton Meester, personal life, family, photos

The first thing that baby Leighton was born was the bars on the windows of the prison hospital. The parents of the future star of the series “Gossip Girl” Doug and Constance were members of the drug ban and were arrested for distributing illegal means. At the time of her arrest, Constance was pregnant. When labor began, the woman was transferred to the hospital, where she gave birth to a charming girl. The baby was taken by her grandmother and aunt and was engaged in her upbringing until Constance’s release from prison. Leighton’s mother spent a year and a half in custody and was released for good behavior. After being released, she decided to start life from scratch. Firstly, she divorced her husband Doug, whom she blamed for the fact that he dragged her into the criminal business, and secondly, together with Leighton, she moved to New York and began raising her daughter. By the way, despite the past, Constance turned out to be an excellent mother – seeing what a beauty Layton is growing up, she arranged for her to work in a modeling agency and went to castings with her daughter. Therefore, having become a star, Leighton always helped her mother, for example, she sent large sums for the treatment of her brother. True, later, it turned out that Constance, having felt the taste of money, spent it on her beloved, and invented her son’s illness to pull finances from a rich daughter. Having learned about this, Leighton was seriously angry and even sued her mother in her heart. Then she withdrew the application, but the financial assistance became much more modest. However, the actress does not hold a grudge against her mother and believes that anything can happen in life and you need to learn to forgive – especially parents.

Tobey Maguire

Tobey Maguire, personal life, family, photos

The mother of the future Hollywood actor was only 18 years old when Toby was born. Wendy and Vincent Maguire were not married for long – two years after the wedding, 22-year-old Vincent filed for divorce and abandoned his family and work as a cook, went in search of a better life. He did not find it, but he found a bunch of problems – out of despair and poverty, the guy decided to rob the bank. He was not suitable for the role of a notorious robber, so he was caught immediately at the exit from the bank. The court was lenient on the guy and, given his past without a single criminal speck, gave him two years in prison.

Toby himself also faced problems with the law – in 2011 he was accused of participating in underground gambling. There was no prosecution against the actor, but this news destroyed his career. Alcohol addiction, bad temper, star sickness – all this led to the fact that his wife left the once-famous Hollywood actor, the directors turned away and the star of his fame faded.

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan, personal life, family, mother, photos

The entire Lohan family has a very scandalous and, one might say, criminal reputation. Lindsay was born in a wealthy family, and since childhood, she did not need anything. The father of the actress Mike Lohan is a big businessman, the owner of a pasta factory, who made a fortune on fraud with papers. When Lindsay was only 4 years old, Mike went to prison for three years for forging documents. In addition, he received a five-year suspended sentence, which he later violated and again went to jail for a year.

The fame and success of baby Lindsay only exacerbated the relationship within the family. Both father and mother realized that they could make very good money on their daughter. The young star worked hard, participating in the filming of films, concerts and commercials. All this brought a million-dollar income, for which Lindsay’s parents soon began to literally fight. Needless to say, how did this attitude of the father and mother, as well as their subsequent scandalous divorce from Lindsay, affect?! Everyone knows her story of the fall, reminiscent of the story of Britney Spears to the smallest detail. Both girls suffered from the greed, greed and cruelty of the closest people.

Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron, personal life, family, mother, photos

Charlize Theron’s mother, Gerda does not turn her tongue to call a criminal – after all, she saved the lives of herself and her daughter. Charlize’s father, Charles, was an aggressive alcoholic and repeatedly beat his wife and daughter. One day he went home drunk and… armed with a pistol. Frightened, Charlize and her mother hid in the house, and an enraged Charles drove three bullets into a closed door. When he finally burst into the room, Gerda fired a gun. Charles died in front of his daughter. They did not initiate a criminal case against Gerda, rightly regarding it as self-defense. Charlize herself hid the cause of her father’s death for a long time, but then decided to tell the truth.

My father was so drunk that he could barely stand on his feet when he came home armed with a gun. My mom and I locked ourselves in the bedroom and held the door he was trying to knock out. He did not succeed, and then he took a step back and shot three times at the door, “the actress admitted in an interview. “It’s just a miracle that none of the bullets hit us. Mom protected us. Many families suffer from such domestic violence. I’m not ashamed to talk about it, because I believe that the more we talk openly about it, the easier it will be to realize that we are not alone with our misfortune.

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