Here are some tips to keep your orchid beautiful all year round!

© iStock Here are some tips to keep your orchid beautiful all year round!

You love orchids, but you don’t know how to take care of them? They are beautiful the first weeks and then the flowers begin to fall? You don’t want to buy anymore because it requires too much maintenance? Femina version offers you several tips to keep your orchid beautiful as long as possible (yes, it’s possible)!

Orchids require maintenance, but above all knowledge. And for good reason, many of you give up when it comes to dealing with it because you don’t know how to do it. Do not throw in the towel too quickly, there are several solutions so that your orchid remains flowery and does not lose its petals after a few weeks.

These are called golden rules. They are essential for your pretty flower to flourish in its environment.

– Water it at least once a week. It is also necessary to check that the substrate is wet all the time. For this, you can push your finger inside to 2 cm.

– Favor non-calcareous water: filtered water or rainwater. Your orchid loves it, and especially be very careful not to wet the flowers or leaves of your plant.

– Drain your orchid. This plant abhors standing water. Especially since it damages its roots. It is essential to empty the pot when watering your flower.

– Avoid contact with the sun. The orchid certainly needs light, but it must never be exposed directly to the rays. She also does not like drafts and pollutants.

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