Food: how far can we push the expiry date?

© iStock Food: how far can we push the expiry date?

Do you have a yogurt in the fridge that has been out of date for several days? Are you hesitant to eat it because you are afraid of getting sick? Some people have no problem with this and even eat ultra-expired products. Femina version tells you everything in this article.

Be aware that no less than 20% of food waste is due to compliance with expiry dates. A huge figure when you realize that a lot of food could still be consumed. The LCI media interviewed several people to tell us about expired products.

“If it’s two or three days out of date, I eat anyway. But if it’s a fortnight, I obviously don’t eat,” says an elderly person. “Yogurt, I can go beyond that. Starchy, well beyond,” reports Ludivine Lopez. This young sales agent is against waste, she throws absolutely nothing away. “It can happen to me to eat, it’s been two years that the pasta is expired, the dry I don’t even ask the question, the preserves either. I open, I feel, I really trust for the shot in my eyes and in my nose

To find out if you can eat the product or not, you have to look at the label. If it is noted“to be consumed preferably before the”you can enjoy the food without having any doubt. A nutritionist explains that“it can be kept for a very long time, years even beyond the date. Pasta like sugar, there is no water, there is no fat in it. The only risk is that they end up having a taste of old.” But if it is written “to consume until” it is better not to eat it at the risk of getting sick.

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