Are organic products really better than others?

Are organic products really better than others? 1

With the boom in organic products, many French people are adding them to their menus, thinking they are eating a better food for your health. A misconception endorsed by many organizations.

The question of the virtues of organic food is at the heart of the concerns of consumers but also of scientists. For many years, this constantly increasing consumption of organic products has been the subject of research by several teams around the world. This is the case of the study conducted by researchers from the Barcelona Institute for Global Health and published in the journal Environmental Pollution, which shows that the consumption of products from an early age improves brain development and working memory in children.

Does an organic diet improve our health?

However, it is not only in children that organic is beneficial. In addition to a healthy diet and regular physical activity, organic limits the risks of being overweight or obese. Organic foods and in particular fresh products would also reduce the chances of developing cancer by an average of 25%, according to an Inserm press release published in 2018. These figures are justified, among other things, because a greater amount of nutrients and vitamins is found in organic products, compared to conventional products in the same quantity.

By eating fruits, vegetables, or eggs from organic farming, consumers are guaranteed to enjoy chemical pesticide-free and GMO-free products. These two conditions are necessary for products to obtain the AB label set up by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food. Fresh organic products also have a more pronounced taste and a more authentic flavor. If their taste qualities are recognized but depend on the palate of each one, consuming organic products is not necessarily synonymous with a better food balance.

More authentic tastes but which are not the guarantee of a food balance

Whether they eat organic or not, consumers are advised to follow nutritional recommendations. In addition, not all organic products are necessarily associated with A or B Nutri-scores. This is particularly the case for processed products. If the food balance is everyone’s business, organic products have many virtues on our health. A study conducted by NutriNet-Santé, the results of which were published at the end of 2020, showed that people who regularly consume organic products see their chances of developing type 2 diabetes reduced. Started many years ago, the studies conducted by NutriNet-Santé are still ongoing and could teach us more about the virtues of organic.

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