3 tips to keep your interior clean when you have a pet

3 tips to keep your interior clean when you have a pet 1

Our dogs and cats we love them. Problem: they leave hair everywhere. To remedy this, here are 3 good steps to adopt in your interior cleaning.

Even if the cat grooms every day, this does not prevent it from shedding half a dozen hairs on the carpet and sofa. The same goes for long-haired dogs that lose good handles on a recurring basis. Not to mention the damage that our little balls of hair cause at home: food on the ground, traces of paws, debris from outside. In short, what a hassle! Fortunately, to limit dirt as much as possible, you can adopt these 3 reflexes that will simplify your life. They are shared with us by BISSELL®, an American brand specialized in-floor cleaning.

3 tips to keep your interior clean when you have a pet 3
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Vacuum regularly

Passing the broom can be particularly effective on a daily basis. But when you have an animal that loses its hair, nothing beats the vacuum cleaner! According to BISSELL®, “When dust and hair are not removed regularly, they will form a cluster that is more difficult to remove, which can sometimes cause breathing problems or skin itching“. To avoid reaching these ends, the brand recommends vacuuming at least every other day in the house.

Chase away bad smells

Even if we like them, it can happen that our animals do not smell very good. In addition to the bath that must be given to them once in a while, remember to ventilate your home every day to renew the air. If you have carpets or carpets that they like to lie on, scatter bicarbonate on them once a week and let it act for at least an hour to absorb the smells of the fabrics. Do the same on sofas, seats, and fabric armchairs. And to not forget anything, remember to wash their toys and accessories at least once a week. The brand recommends putting“your dog’s or cat’s cushions and cloth baskets in the washing machine” and then“rubbing your companion’s toys and litter with a brush and white vinegar” before gnashing with clear water after 10 minutes.

Limit dirt in your home

To avoid ending up with dirt from the outside, hair, or food in your home, you can accustom your pet to some new practices. First, place an absorbent mat in front of the front door so that your pet wipes his paws before entering the house. Then, as much as possible, brush it outside with a rubber glove, in order to reduce the hairs that fall into the house. Finally, to avoid food or water on the tile, place newsprint under the bowls.

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