Famous people died in 1824

    Louis XVIII of France

    Louis XVIII of France

    King Louis XVIII was the King of France from 1814 to 1824

    FrenchNovember 17, 1755136 views

    Agustín de Iturbide

    Agustin de Iturbide was the leader of the conservative faction of the Mexican independence movement who later served as the Emperor of Mexico

    MexicanSeptember 27, 1783120 views

    James Parkinson

    James Parkinson was an English surgeon who described the disease which later came to be known as Parkinson's Disease

    BritishApril 11, 1755132 views

    Alexander Henry The Elder

    Alexander Henry the Elder was a merchant of British origin who was one of the pioneers of the British-Canadian fur trade

    CanadianJanuary 1, 1739137 views

    Lord Byron

    Lord Byron was a famous English poet, politician and a leading figure in the Romantic Movement

    BritishJanuary 22, 1788127 views