Famous people died in 1801

Benedict Arnold

Benedict Arnold

Benedict Arnold was an American Revolutionary War general who originally fought for the American Continental Army but later defected to the British Army

BritishJanuary 14, 1741102 views


Georg Philipp Friedrich Freiherr von Hardenberg, better known as Novalis, was a German poet, author, and philosopher.

GermanMay 2, 1772158 views

Philip Hamilton

Philip Hamilton was the eldest son of Alexander Hamilton, one of the founding fathers of America

AmericanJanuary 22, 1782157 views

Paul I of Russia

Emperor Paul I ruled Russia for a short span of five years from 1796 to 1801

RussianOctober 1, 1754115 views

Darya Nikolayevna Saltykova

Darya Nikolayevna Saltykova was a Russian noblewoman, sadist, and serial killer

RussianMarch 11, 1730259 views