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How much fat does your favorite yogurt contain? The answer varies greatly from one dairy product to another. We take stock of the fattest yogurts.

Yogurts, little Swiss, faisselles… it is generally recommended to consume two to three dairy products per day for an adult. But how do choose them? And if you pay attention to your fat intake, which ones should you consume in moderation?

Greek yogurt

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Among the champions of the fat content of the fresh shelf: Greek yogurts, “which contain up to 10% fat,” notes Lucia Radessi, dietician nutritionist in Paris. To be consumed occasionally, or to replace fresh cream in the elaboration of sauces for example.

The little Swiss

Very rich in fat, the little Swiss also contain about 10 g of fat per 100 g. “There are “small fresh cheeses” lightened or 0% fat, which does not have the name petits suisses but are the lighter version. Prefer them if you want to limit your fat intake, “advises the expert.

The faisselle

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Faisselle is a fresh cheese made from raw milk. It has a fairly high-fat content: about 5 to 6 g per 100 g.

Yogurt with sheep’s milk

Sheep’s milk is fatter than cow’s milk, which is why sheep’s milk yogurts are often higher in fat than cow’s milk yogurts. Generally, count between 4 and 8 g of fat per 100 g.

Goat’s milk yogurt

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Same principle as for yogurts with sheep’s milk! “Goat’s milk is also slightly fatter than cow’s milk, so yogurt with non-skimmed goat’s milk will also be fatter,” says the expert. Their fat content is usually between 3 and 5 g per 100 grams.

These high-fat yogurts are to be consumed in moderation if you pay attention to your fat or calorie intake. In general, “prefer a natural dairy product rather than a flavored or fruit dairy product,” advises Lucia Radessi: it will be less processed and less sweet. “But it’s all about balance and it also depends on the rest of the menu!”

Also be aware that a higher intake of fat can be interesting in some people, especially people at risk of undernutrition. An individual situation must be discussed with a health professional.

Thanks to Lucia Radessi, dietician nutritionist in Paris.

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