Elizabeth Greene

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Lizzy Greene is an American actress and social media celebrity

May 1, 2003

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Personal Details

  • Birthday: May 1, 2003
  • Nationality: American
  • Famous: Film & Theater Personalities, Actresses
  • City/State: Texas
  • Siblings: Garrett Greene
  • Known as: Lizzy Greene
  • Universities:
    • Fun House Theatre and Film School
    • Plano
    • Texas

Elizabeth Greene born at

Dallas, Texas

Birth Place

Lizzy Greene is originally from Dallas, Texas. She took up theatre in school. She was attending John D Aquino’s Young Actor’s Intensive workshop in June 2013 when she was discovered by a Los Angeles talent manager. After a long process of auditioning she was chosen for her best known role of Dawn Harper. She was interested in acting from her childhood. She always loved performing and getting a laugh out of her audience. She has acted in a number of theatrical productions and continues to be an active theatre actor. She keeps fit through regular exercise and likes to practice gymnastics. She has attained a large fan base and following on social media. Her photographs and posts allow viewers a glimpse into her life and world. Her work as an actress on television has also proved popular, and she was nominated for Favorite Female TV Star for her performance. Her experience on the show ‘Nicky, Ricky, Dicky and Dawn’ has been a learning curve for her, with great scripts, new directors and a crew whom she adores. She can convincingly portray a range of characters. She often travels to Los Angeles for her work. She is still very young and has promising prospects ahead of her.

The Meteoric Rise to Stardom

Lizzy Greene is a versatile and talented actress. She says she felt at home in her role on the popular Nickelodeon show, as she had always been a tom-boy in school and fit right into her role. However, over time her character on the show has developed and she is able to portray a more feminine side to her character. She is always willing to experiment. She is ready to fit into any role and routine in order to create the most entertaining show. She actively learns from other actors and appreciates the efforts of the entire cast. She is an effective team worker and has a good relationship with her co-actors. She shares the screen with Brian Stepanek on this show. She is good at improvisation and has a good sense of comic timing. Her performance is not one-dimensional but has a variety of tones and inflections. She has attended the Fun House Theatre and Film School in Plano, Texas, gaining valuable training. She can switch characters very quickly, has immense energy on stage and is an adept mimic. She can even portray male characters with enviable flair and ease. She has also portrayed historical characters. Lizzy Greene is poised and mature, and has the ability to portray characters with nuance and depth. She had matured on the show and transitioned into a teenager in a seamless and balanced way. She generally wears her blond hair long, but had to cut it short for some of her roles. She is a talented model, and her Instagram profile is very popular. She has a youthful and lively fashion sense, wearing elaborate dresses and more sporty styles with equal ease. She is interested in make-up techniques, and occasionally posts makeup tutorials on YouTube. She also loves singing.

What Makes Lizzy Greene So Special

Lizzy Greene has a very warm and friendly personality, and a wide circle of friends. She is an avid traveler and loves to see new places and meet new people. She likes to interact directly with her fans and has participated in a number of meet and greets and live-interviews. She loves pets and actively campaigns against animal cruelty.

Beyond Fame