The Truth About Nathan Kouamou.

Reginald Hardy and Nathan Kouamou’s companies share the same name, Baller Academy, causing Hardy to receive calls from debt collectors. Kouamou denied having any management company and not knowing what Hardy was talking about. The reporter tried to contact Kouamou via email and text message about the failed fundraising event, Balling for Uvalde World Weekend, and the thousands of tickets he claimed to have sold, but has yet to receive a response. Nathan Kouamou’s past and current whereabouts have been brought into question as a result of his now-defunct nonprofit organization and his claims to raise millions of dollars for the Robb Elementary School victims through a big-name concert that never happened.

The Mysterious Nathan Kouamou and the Missing Robb Elementary School Victims’ Fund

KSAT investigates the disappearance of funds promised to support the Robb Elementary School victims by Nathan Kouamou, a man who claimed he could raise millions of dollars through a big-name concert. Kouamou’s now-defunct nonprofit organization and past have been scrutinized by the news agency to uncover the truth behind the missing funds.

Kouamou has been portrayed as a proud former professional athlete who played soccer for the Houston Dynamo. However, the Major League Soccer organization has stated that Nathan Kouamou did not play for the team. It is unclear whether Kouamou joined the team for a tryout or as a reserve player, but he did not sign a contract with them. This revelation has raised concerns among people who have supported Kouamou’s fundraising efforts.

KSAT 12 News reporter Leigh Waldman spoke with Pastor Richard Rodriguez, an administrator at Christian Life Center Academy, where Kouamou had been listed as an assistant coach on the soccer program’s website. However, Rodriguez denied that the website belonged to them and said that they had never had a soccer team. While the website is still active, any mention of Kouamou has been removed.

Further investigations have revealed that Kouamou’s social media links to the Baller Foundation, which claims to use sports to impact the health and well-being of youth. According to IRS records, the Baller Foundation earned its nonprofit status in 2017, but it was revoked three years later.

KSAT 12 News tried to reach Kouamou to inquire about these findings, but his office address in Houston appeared to be vacant, and public records of his last two known addresses showed no luck in locating him. A man whose real name is Nathan Baller, residing in Minnesota, had contacted KSAT 12 News, saying that he had found Kouamou’s social media pages while looking up his name. Kouamou refers to himself by the last name Baller.

The promised fundraising concert, which thousands of tickets may have been sold for, never happened. With the lack of transparency surrounding Kouamou’s past and current whereabouts, it is unclear whether the promised funds for the Robb Elementary School victims’ recreational and wellness center in Uvalde will ever be recovered.

Debt Collectors Looking for Nathan Baller, Associated with Kouamou’s Baller Academy

Reginald Hardy, who runs a Houston-based nonprofit called The Baller Academy, has been receiving calls from debt collectors in October due to the similarity in name with Nathan Kouamou’s organization, the Baller Academy. Kouamou responded to Hardy’s message about the debt collectors, denying having any management company and not knowing what he was talking about.

KSAT 12 News reporter Leigh Waldman reached out to Kouamou via email and text message, asking about the failed fundraising event, Balling for Uvalde World Weekend, and the thousands of tickets he claimed to have sold. Waldman has yet to receive a response from Kouamou.

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