Why stylists hate “Emily in Paris”

Why stylists hate "Emily in Paris" 1

On the eve of the release of the second season of the series, we remember why stylists criticized “Emily in Paris”, what outfits from the first season are not ashamed to repeat in reality and what changes in the style of the main character await us in the continuation of the show.

In the first season of the show “Emily in Paris”, released in 2020, the audience perceived very ambiguously. One series came to taste, as it did not overload with unnecessary information and just told cute and funny cases from the life of an American woman in Paris. Others didn’t like the new Netflix show at all. Many viewers and opinion leaders have called it a silly set of clichés about French culture.

At that time, Darren Star’s project in particular attracted the attention of stylists. And, as it turned out, in a negative way. Initially, “Emily in Paris” had high hopes, as the costumes in the series were handled by the former stylist of “Sex and the City”, Patricia Field. But after seeing the first series, everyone who is related to fashion, unanimously zaheyt poor Emily Cooper, calling her wardrobe a complete failure, and her – ringarde. Why did this happen?

Why stylists hate "Emily in Paris" 3© Netflix

🥐Why stylists have nailed Emily in Paris?

The thing is that Emily’s style in the series was shown too brightly and stereotypically – pink plaid suits, a huge collection of shoes with a hairpin, Parisian accessories in the form of berets and keychains with an Eiffel tower … Absurdity and comic. They don’t dress like that now! Almost all the outfits in the first season looked completely unpractical and not modern. Who would walk down the street in such outfits?

Of course, perhaps all this was done in order to show Emily’s path in the future from an American who does not fit into the culture of France at all to a real fashion influencer with a high sense of style and taste. And now that we know that the second season of “Emily in Paris” will be released very soon, we hope for a more realistic and relevant wardrobe for the main character. The first images we can already evaluate on the official stills for the second season. But first, let’s remember Emily’s most adequate outfits from the first season.

Why stylists hate "Emily in Paris" 5© Netflix

🥐 What images from the first season of “Emily in Paris” are not ashamed to repeat in reality?

Image No1: floral dress and kosukh

A passing and very fleeting image of Emily, which was shown in just one or two scenes. And in vain!

In fact, this is one of the most successful combinations in the girl’s wardrobe.

White chiffon dress with blue floral print, light jacket, rectangular handbag on a thin chain and neat earrings… Nothing superfluous, just a vibe of femininity and sophistication.Photo: Still from the TV series "Emily in Paris"

Image No2: coats and sneakers

Thank you for not shoes or boots with a stiletto!

Emily spends most of her screen time in beautiful but terribly uncomfortable high-heeled shoes.

In the scene of acquaintance with Camille, the girl is given a little freedom and dressed up in a comfortable and very relevant bow – simple black leggings, a voluminous sweater, a bright oversize coat, and white sneakers. That’s perfect.

Photo: Still from the TV series "Emily in Paris"

Image #3: total black

To meet with the famous designer Pierre Cado, colleagues at work ask Emily to wear all black so as not to stand out.

Of course, and here the American manages to distinguish herself, putting on a bag a keychain with the Eiffel Tower, thereby knocking out the fashionable couturier.

But if you do not take into account this terrible accessory, in general, the outfit of the girl looks very stylish and cool – a classic mini-skirt, a black leather jacket, and ankle boots without unnecessary details.

What a modern stylish girl needs.

Photo: Still from the TV series "Emily in Paris"

🥐What will happen to the style of “Emily in Paris” in the second season of the show?

So far, we can only guess and assume. But judging by the first shots from the shooting and stills for the second season, Emily began to dress chu-u-ut calmer and ch-u-u-ut closer to reality.Photo: NetflixPhoto: Netflix

Although, fantasy outfits with mixing prints and unusual accessories still have a place in her heart.

Photo: Netflix
Photo: Netflix

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