What really happens in families: revelations of nannies of foreign stars

What really happens in families: revelations of nannies of foreign stars 1

Some nurses of celebrity children tell interesting facts about their lives.

Revelations of the Nanny in Madonna’s family

The former nanny in this family so passionately announced the release of a whole book about the life of Madonna and Guy Ritchie, about their children, inclinations, family secrets that will plunge into shock, about religion, and much more … But in fact, when the book came out, there was nothing that the public didn’t know. Everyone knows about the fact that the Madonna has a complex character for a long time and everyone knows about adopted children, about Kabbalah, about the strictness of the Madonna as a mother. In general, the nanny tried in vain!

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Revelations of servants in the family of Kim Kardashian

The maids in the House of Kardashian willingly told about what star girls really are. According to their stories, Kim is very sweet and kind, although not at all clean: she had to be constantly cleaned, and even after cleaning, Kim immediately caused a mess in the house in a second. But Kourtney Kardashian was not so friendly. The maid said that she was picky and, she could forbid everyone to use perfume just because other smells irritated her.

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Revelations of the nanny in the family of Angelina Jolie

In 2019, the nanny in the Pitt-Jolie family left her employers. After leaving the family, she also took away details about the celebrity, which she presented to the general public. According to the assurances of the former nanny of Jolie’s six children, who live after the divorce of Angelina and Brad from their mother, all children, except perhaps Zakhara, have a complex character. Moreover, even the mother cannot find a solution to them and somehow influence them: they simply do not listen to Angelina and do not see authority in her.

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So, Maddox has constant mood swings, he is stubborn and unpredictable. The rest of the children are spoiled, selfish, and wayward, which is very difficult to cope with. At the same time, the nanny claims that Jolie does not even try to pacify and educate them: children grow up in total permissiveness, imperfect children with their mother can drink alcohol, and the second of Pitt-Jolie’s daughters decides to change gender. Shiloh was the first to dream of changing her sex. This is definitely not approved by the nanny. But she’s just a babysitter…

Still from mrs. Doubtfire, directed by Chris Columbus

Revelations of the Nanny in the Family of Arnold Schwarzenegger

The nanny of this family truly “made” all the other nannies! She not only gave away all the secrets of her star employers but also turned out to be a big and unexpected secret herself. It turned out that for 20 years of work in the house of Arnold and his family, she had an affair with the actor and even gave birth to a child from him. Throughout her pregnancy, birth, and the making of her son, she worked for the Schwarzeneggers. No one guessed about the connection between the nanny and the actor, because Mildred Baena – this is the name of the nanny, was married, which caused respect and trust. In one of the interviews, Mildred said that Arnie’s wife probably would never have guessed about her husband’s infidelity if over the years the son did not become more and more like his father. Such dramas!

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Revelations of the Nanny in Jude Law’s Family

In this family, too, an affair broke out between the star actor and the nanny of the children Jude and Sienna Miller. Daisy Wright, the nanny of the three children of the star couple, decided to make money on information for the press and gave a detailed interview about their love affair. Maybe the nanny hoped that this would help her tie Judah to her or become famous, but it turned out differently. Lowe broke up with her in a bad relationship, and there was no happy ending. Sienna, by the way, left Jude after that.

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Revelations of the Nanny in Mariah Carey’s family

Another interview with Mariah’s nanny shocked the public. It turned out that the talented singer in life is an absolute lazy woman, she did not even want to shoe herself, she entrusted this function to the nanny of her children. And Carey loved to fall suddenly, so the nanny had to see it in time and catch the fallen star, how ironic it sounds! But everything would be fine: as long as the owners pay well, why not tolerate their whims. But the climax was the dismissal of the nanny: the singer decided to get rid of the nanny because she saw how much the children loved her. Carey was jealous and kicked the babysitter out!

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