The lessons of self-love that Princess Diana left behind after her separation from Charles

The lessons of self-love that Princess Diana left behind after her separation from Charles 1

It showed that well-being is a priority.

For years, various sources, documentaries, and documents have revealed details about the complicated life Princess Diana led during her marriage to Prince Charles, as well as the courageous decisions she made to lead a happier life.

Lady Di was very young when she agreed to marry the heir to the British crown and her enthusiasm for being part of the family and having children quickly invaded her emotions.

However, the marriage, more than a wish, was a responsibility for Carlos, who had been pressured by his father to find his future wife.

From a very young age, Lady Di experienced strong disappointments that led her to develop certain imbalances, which, later, would make her more vulnerable to all the pressure of royalty.

The people closest to the princess have revealed some of the behaviors she had while going through complicated moments of her marriage, but it was her own story, exposed in the documentary “Diana in her own words”, that shocked the public.

The princess not only revealed the most difficult moments within her marriage but explained how she plucked up the courage to overcome conflicts and seek a happier life.

Princess Diana proved that we must pursue happiness

Princess Diana

Young Diana Spencer couldn’t resist the Prince of Wales’ charms.

By the 70s they were already starting some movements that sought for people to live freely and happily, however, for royalty, it was crucial to maintain conservative traditions.

This was one of the reasons Diana felt in prison even when she discovered that her husband was unfaithful to her.

However, she decided to break with traditions and face royalty so she could lead a happier life.

Although little was known about self-love at the time, Diana decided that she should value herself for her well-being and that of her children.

In this sense, he began to create his own path and transformed his life, starting with the simplest changes, such as dress and attitudes, to the most radical ones such as divorce and independence.

Princess Diana
Princess Diana

Diana revealed in an interview with the English journalist Andrew Morton all the problems that made her develop imbalances.

The personal recordings had been kept since 1991 and only a few years ago they were revealed in this production.

In the tapes, William and Harry’s mother revealed that she felt deeply depressed for years, and explained how much her husband’s infidelity with Camilla Parker affected her.

As revealed in the documentary, he was only 19 years old when he developed various disorders such as depression, anxiety, as well as strong stress and bulimia crises.

These are the lessons of self-love left by Princess Diana

Dress as you like

One of the big reasons why Lady Di is remembered is because of her way of dressing and is that the princess broke all the rules of royalty and became a fashion icon that remains influential today.

Act with the heart

The Princess of Wales also gained popularity for her close personality. Although many royalties preferred to keep their distance from people, Diana always chose to interact closely.

Break with emotional dependence

Although she married with great enthusiasm and said she had been in love with Carlos, she accepted that their marriage was not positive, so she separated.

The lessons of self-love that Princess Diana left behind after her separation from Charles 5

Life goes on

Many people see divorce as the end of all dreams and life desires. Diana proved that this is completely false, after her divorce she continued with individual plans and remade her life.

Believe in love

Despite the great love disappointment, the princess reopened her heart and had a new partner with whom she enjoyed love once again.

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