Charlene, welcome to Monaco

Charlene, welcome to Monaco 1

Despite her absence from the National Day celebrations due to her state of health, the return of the princess has reassured Monegasques.

A huge sigh of relief greeted the news on the Rock. Admittedly, the sovereign prince had assured that his wife, Princess Charlene, would be back on November 19 to celebrate the national holiday with him, but some had started to doubt, the effect of the rumors on the health concerns of the princess. In South Africa, a “serious infection of the ENT sphere” reportedly banned him from traveling. On October 8, however, she underwent a second surgical operation of the nasal septum, lasting four hours. She finally returns on November 8, eight months after her departure from the Principality. Joy could be heard in the prince’s voice: “We were all looking forward to it.” He did not hide his happiness to see his wife take her place with their children, Jacques and Gabriella, the 6-year-old twins who returned to school at the François d’Assise-Nicolas Barré institution in Monaco.

Princess Charlene

In the Principality, this return puts an end to the crazy allegations that went so far as to claim that Charlene would remain indefinitely in South Africa. “It’s a relief for everyone. Starting with the prince and their children, but also with the Monegasque population, delighted,” the princely palace was told. For Albert II, the Saint-Rainier of 19 November is an important moment in national life, a key date in the Monegasque calendar. “We are a small community close to our princely family, and their happiness and misfortunes are also ours,” a source at the palace told me.

Prince Albert

Presentation of medals, taking up arms, reception of the constituted bodies, Te Deum at the cathedral, appearance on the balcony, musical gala at the Grimaldi Forum, the event brings them together every year for three days of celebrations. My interlocutor stresses that “the prince needs to feel supported by his wife during these heavy festivities”, whose culmination will certainly be the image of the princely family, gathered in full, at the foot of the steps of the grand staircase of honor of the palace or on the balcony, for the warm tribute of the population.

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Half a word, the prince told me that his agenda had been put on hold as he hoped, day after day, for an improvement in the state of health of his wife.

In fact, in recent times, the sovereign had to fight on several fronts. In addition to his commitment to the fight against global warming that led him to the Cop26 in Glasgow, his fight with his Prince Albert II Foundation for the defense of the oceans and for marine biodiversity, in line with his grandfather the oceanographer Albert I of Monaco, the sovereign had to fight to impose his reforms, promote new talents in government and guard those who assail it. “Do and let say” seems to be the motto of this man of temperance. But he recently told the magazine “Point de Vue” that some publications had been “extremely disturbing and hurtful to [his] wife, to [him] and to Monaco”. “When the statements are unfounded, composed of completely fabricated elements of appreciation, it is sad and lamentable,” he added before concluding: “Years of experience help me to ensure that I am affected as little as possible.”

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That is to say, if the return of Princess Charlene is lived in joy at the princely palace. Half a word, the prince told me that his agenda had been put on hold as he hoped, day after day, for an improvement in his wife’s state of health. Charlene was originally to attend the funeral of the Zulu king, Goodwill Zwelithini, and help with her foundation to counter rhino poaching. South Africa is home to 80% of the world’s population of this animal decimated by hunters and poachers. “Rhino horn is not nice! Let’s join hands on my project #ChasingZero to put an end to the cruelties suffered by our animals,” the princess posted on Instagram after participating in a rescue operation in the South African state of Kwazulu Natal for white rhinos, targeted for their horn.

“I’m African, it’s my heritage. And it will remain so forever. It’s in my heart and in my veins,” Charlene said in 2017.

Subsequently, Charlene was blocked in South Africa by a serious sinus infection, forcing her to undergo the first procedure under general anesthesia on August 13. Even though the prince and their two children had come to visit her twice during her forced exile, the princess expressed a certain nostalgia. She was uncomfortable with her adopted homeland. Recently, on her Instagram account, she posted a photo with one of her dogs, a chihuahua, whose disappearance she mourned. He had died far from her, crushed by a car at Roc Agel, the princely property, above Monaco, where the twins grow up. This long separation may have had the merit of further uniting the couple. “I’m African, it’s my heritage. And it will remain so forever. It’s in my heart and in my veins,” Charlene said in 2017.

Đăng ảnh đoàn tụ với chồng con, Vương phi Monaco từng cạo nửa đầu gây bàn tán với chi tiết bất thường - Ảnh 1.

She has since discovered that she may sorely miss Monaco and her family. Last summer, prevented from celebrating her 10 years of marriage to the prince, she expressed her dismay. “My daily conversations with Albert and the children help me tremendously to keep my spirits up,” she said, “when she was said to be depressed. “It’s a stressful situation for me. I miss my husband and children terribly. I struggled to bear it when my medical team told me I couldn’t go home for my 10th wedding anniversary. Albert is my rock and my strength. Without his love and support, I could not survive this painful time. The unwavering support of her prince gave Charlene the strength to overcome the hardships to better enjoy their true family reunion.

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