Caring for the beard with wearing a mask

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Wearing a mask (cloth, FFP2, or surgical) daily when you have a beard is complex. The hair of the beard is constantly attacked because of the rubbing in the mask. For this, you have to maintain and pamper your beard. In general, you have to take care of your skin more rigorously since wearing a mask caused by the coronavirus epidemic. The mask can cause skin problems and your beard hair is messy when you remove it. Even if you combed it before going out. Because of this, the beard must be regularly maintained. Follow our guide to take care of your beard by wearing a mask.

The mask is now part of our daily lives, so we must learn to live with it. And even if gentlemen, you wear a beard. You may have already noticed it, but the mask can cause redness, dryness around the nose, mouth, and beard areas, irritation, or even pimples. Your skin does not breathe and the hair weakens. Fortunately, a new routine to your daily life can help avoid any unpleasant surprises, keep fresh skin, and have a beautiful beard, even under your mask.

What the law says about wearing a mask with a beard

Concerning your workplace, Article L1121-1, which has been in force since 1 May 2008, explains that: “No one may place restrictions on the rights of individuals and on individual and collective freedoms that are not justified by the nature of the task to be performed or proportionate to the aim sought”. Indeed, in order to restrict individual freedom, the reason must be valid and must meet three conditions. To begin with, the beard must be an obstacle to perform the work, the restriction is proportionate to the task to be performed and finally, the beard endangers the health and safety of the employee. In the event of a dispute between the employer and the employee, the Labour Court will decide whether the restriction concerning the employee’s beard meets the criteria mentioned above.

For safety reasons, if a man has a large beard and prevents the mask from fulfilling its role as a filter and avoid aerosol infections, then it must be shortened. Since in this case, a man who has such a beard can potentially contaminate other people. With FFP2 masks that must be well glued to the nose and along the cheeks prevent droplets and aerosols from passing through. In Quebec, caregivers have the obligation to shave their beards, for example. This is also the case in the United States. In France, surgeons are forced to shave even if the beard is short.

Good hygiene

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Caring for the beard with wearing a mask 2

Authorities and doctors advise shaving your beard to protect yourself from the coronavirus and others. You even hear that the beard is not compatible with wearing a mask since the hairs are a nest of viruses and bacteria. The recommendations of the medical profession and the authorities are correct. Nevertheless, you can opt for a less radical solution than shaving the beard entirely. It is to adopt an impeccable hygiene ritual for your face and beard. Under the mask it is hot and humid, it is normal there is poor air circulation. And this atmosphere promotes the proliferation of bacteria not very good for the skin. It is therefore essential to wash your face frequently in order to avoid the appearance of blackheads or ingrown hairs under your beard.

Heat under the mask can also result in folliculitis (inflammation or infection of the hair follicle). And it’s not very pleasant! Gentlemen, we, therefore, recommend that you wash your beard when you wash your face… It is one of them. We, therefore, recommend that you wash your face at least once a day by opting for soft products for sensitive skin. Do not use soap, your skin may dry out. Obviously, before you touch your face, make sure you have clean hands before. Also, always wash your mask after wearing it, at the risk of having rashes and acne. A term has even been coined to talk about acne because of the mask: the masked!

The mask rubs all day long against the mask and small lesions are formed. Because of this, they promote the penetration of impurities into the skin. Thus, the pores no longer breathe and therefore your skin also causes acne. to get rid of the imperfections accumulated throughout the day under the mask: dust pollution, sweating, dead skin, humidity, etc … So clean the skin of your face and your beard every night in the shower when you get home from work!

Wearing a mask and beard: the care to be applied

Your beard is an important element of your face and it should not be neglected especially with the wearing of the mask. So you need to take care of it. Make sure you use proper products to the style, wash and moisturize your beard and facial skin. Once thoroughly washed and cleaned, it is necessary to take care of your beard. Be careful, however, not to do it too regularly otherwise your beard will be too hydrated and will lose its shine. First of all, before applying the treatment on your beard, paint it! Combing your beard stimulates blood circulation and therefore promotes the growth of beard hair.

You can also apply a beard to nourish your beard on a daily basis. You can opt for une beard oil or a beard balm. If you have oily skin, do not apply moisturizer under your mask. Moisturizing creams contain oil and will clog pores and create or aggravate acne in men who already do. So opt for a product that is not oil-based but rather a water-based moisturizer. With this product you will be able to apply your product under your mask.

Shorten your beard hair

You have decided to keep your beard, dermatologists recommend washing it regularly with soap and water. Especially after a trip outside your home, to your workplace or to go shopping. Also, don’t forget to wash your mask after wearing it. Is your beard too long or too short to fit a surgical or handmade mask? It must then be shortened. Because of this, you must trim your beard so that the mask is put on your face in order to be safe and ensure the safety of others.

The president of the Association of Emergency Physicians of France Patrick Pelloux addressed to men wearing a beard a clear sentence: “You must shave.” For those who plan to shave the beard, this is your choice. However, remember to moisturize your skin well before cutting it. No need to remove everything, we advise you to shorten the mustache to limit redness and irritation. Regarding the neck, it is recommended to shave closely for a good support at the edges of the mask. You can also shave the sides of your shorter beard, this will also structure your face while wearing the mask correctly.

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