Anne Hathaway wears the lip tones that most favor those with white skin and give them light

Anne Hathaway wears the lip tones that most favor those with white skin and give them light 1

Many of us remember the imposing lip color that Anne Hathaway wore when she starred in “The Devil Wears Fashionably,” a carmine red that made all eyes turn to look at her.

This is a tone that goes perfectly for white skin, as well as other shades, but it is not the only one with which the actress has managed to dazzle in movies and red carpets.

Lipstick is particularly important for women who like to stand out, as it adds color. This is very necessary when the lips become pale and with little definition.

If your lips have thinned, you can also make them look more fleshy with a correct choice of color.

Anne Hathaway
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In white skins, some shades will make you look very striking, while others just provide that neutral tone that denotes elegance.

In this sense, we can follow the example of the actress to know the great variety of tones that go perfectly with light skin.

It is important to understand that you can select the color according to what you want to project, the occasion, and the season.

Either way, the most important thing is always that you feel comfortable with what you wear makeup.

Lip tones with the Anne Hathaway has dazzled


SaveRoom66 – Anne Hathaway in “The Devil Wears Prada” (The…Room66Anne Hathaway in “The Devil Wears Prada”, 2006

The ideal color if you want your lips to be the protagonists of your look. When we select intense and bright tones like this, the attention will be focused on the lips.

It will stand out in a beautiful way, because the skin will get a natural glow automatically, without it looking pale.

Anne Hathaway with nude lips

Cách trang điểm màu nude đẹp như Anne Hathaway - Làm đẹp

One of the favorites to combine with all styles. It is perfect to give volume and color but in a very natural and subtle way.

In the case of Hathaway and white skin, you just have to be attentive to the undertone that this nude has. Usually, rosés are ideal, as they help to highlight the lips naturally.

Red wine

A modern-day homage to Fantine? Anne Hathaway wears bondage-style gladiator heels to Les Miserables premier eMail OnlineVampy: Anne also opted for a vampy look with her hair and make-up, slicking her brunette locks, which were cut into a crop for the movie, back and wore lashings of red lipstick

Anne Hathaway x Chanel

Dramatic makeup is also valid for white skin, so the vino is a total success.

Although many are a day of projecting paleness, the truth is that this can be balanced with makeup, but it will provide that intensity that sometimes we want to show.

The perfect coral for Anne Hathaway

Celebrity Beauty The Skincare EditClose-up of Anne Hathaway at the Hudson Yards 2019 VIP Grand Opening.

Anne Hathaway Rocks Stylish Outfits in NYC: See Pics!

Coral is one of the best shades to denote simplicity, in addition to giving a much younger appearance.

The actress has combined this tone with very subtle makeup in the style of makeup no makeup, which makes her look fresh and ready for a casual afternoon.

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