An app predicts your cat’s mood through a simple photograph

© iStock An app predicts the state of your cat by photograph

Knowing your cat’s mood is your craziest desire? Do you try every day to guess what he wants to tell you via his mimics and interactions? A Canadian company is developing artificial intelligence to decode your feline’s attitude. Femina version explains everything in this article.

Your cat is your love baby. You can not do without him, but sometimes he can do without you thanks to his extraordinary independence. You would like to better understand him, to know what he is trying to tell you through his facies and meows. Not always easy when you know the beast.

What you need to know is that the facial expressions of your feline, does not always predict his good health. Sometimes this can be signs of severe pain. At least, that’s what a study in the journal Scientific Reports, conducted in 2019, explains. The study uncovers the “feline grimace scale” (FGC), which means “the scale of the feline grimace.

Reuters reports that it is from these understandings that an application was developed. This application is called Tably. It allows you to identify the state of your matou with a simple photo taken by your phone via Tably. It is thanks to artificial intelligence that this new system works.

Individuals and veterinarians can use this technology engineering. But how does this tool actually work? The latter takes into account five facial positions: the contour of the eyes, the contraction of the muzzle, the angle of the ears, the position of the whiskers, and that of the head. The application can even be used remotely for more specific tracking for example.

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