Is the soft-boiled egg cooked in hot or cold water?

Is the soft-boiled egg cooked in hot or cold water? 1

The soft-boiled egg is a boiled egg in which the yolk is raw but warm and the egg white slightly cooked, with a creamy consistency. This method, which does not include fatty condiments, is one of the healthiest to enjoy the egg, as long as you use fresh eggs, even better if organic.

The recipe for a soft-boiled egg can be prepared – and enjoyed – for breakfast, but also for brunch, lunch, or dinner, enjoyed in the inevitable egg case, seasoned with a pinch of salt, and accompanied by a slice of toast.

How many minutes of cooking do they provide and how many calories are the calories of the soft-boiled egg? Let’s delve into the topic.

Cooking the soft-boiled egg: in hot or cold water?

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As for the cooking time of the soft-boiled egg, we must surrender to the fact that there is no single truth. In fact, there are those who immerse the egg in a saucepan with cold water and then boil it for a few minutes, those who instead wait for the boil to very gently immerse the egg in boiling water, and even those who prepare the soft-boiled egg with the dishwasher.

In the first two cases, which are undoubtedly the most widespread, the recommended minutes of cooking soft-boiled eggs, since the water begins to boil, are the same: 3, maximum 4, in case the size of the egg is a little larger than normal or you want a less liquid consistency.

The recipe for the perfect soft-boiled egg

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Here is a summary of the rules to follow to prepare a perfect soft-boiled egg.

First of all, use eggs at room temperature so as to prevent them from cracking in contact with boiling water.

  • Add a pinch of salt or a drop of vinegar to the water, which will prevent the egg white from escaping in case of cracks
  • Since the water boils soak the egg for 3 minutes, if you prefer a little less liquid it will take 4 minutes
  • After the cooking time, pass the egg a few seconds in cold water, but for a few seconds so as not to cool it too much
  • Put the egg in an egg holder with the pointed part upwards
  • Cut the egg from above, then cut the upper cap without breaking the rest just enough to insert the teaspoon.

Soft-boiled egg in the microwave: here’s how to do it

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Of course, it is a decidedly unclassic method, it is possible to cook eggs even in the microwave. Here is the procedure to follow.

  • Pierce the top of the egg with a needle
  • Cover the egg with cling film (used the one produced specifically for the microwave)
  • Drill the film in several places
  • Turn on the microwave at 600W for about 50 seconds
  • Let the egg rest for about a minute
  • Serve the soft-boiled egg

How to eat soft-boiled egg

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Having ascertained everything you need to know about cooking soft-boiled eggs, let’s move on to the tips on how to eat them to make the most of the unique taste of this preparation. The most classic of ways see them inserted inside an egg holder and here deprived of the upper part of the shell.

Once this is done, with a teaspoon you take the top of the hard egg white and start to devote yourself to the yolk, which naturally appears soft and ready to accommodate the teaspoon or, better, a piece of bread (preferably toasted in a pan with or without butter). To make everything more delicious, you can flavor the bread with fresh herbs or with grated cheese to taste. As an alternative to bread, you can opt for croutons or breadsticks.

Those who prefer to enjoy it in the morning can include it as part of a breakfast at the French accompanying it with coffee, toast, butter, and jam. Before moving on, we remind you how the calories of the soft-boiled egg amount to just under 80 per egg.


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Unpeeled soft-boiled eggs can be kept in the refrigerator for a maximum of two days. To bring them back to a temperature pleasant for the palate, you can soak them in boiling water for only one minute before eating them. Such a quick step should not make them overcook with the risk of the yolk solidifying.

It is not recommended to store them at room temperature for more than 2 hours. Alternatively, you can freeze, but the yield once thawed would not be the best, the egg whites would become too chewy and the yolks would take on a not exactly pleasant consistency. In addition to the fact that they may also stink.

Variants of the soft-boiled egg

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Cooking the soft-boiled egg allows us to indulge ourselves with different variations of the recipe. Eggs are still a super versatile food. In addition to numerous cooking methods, they also include variations on the theme that ensure that you never get tired at the table. Sometimes it is enough simply to add a spice or aroma to make them absolutely delicious. As well as the combination with a certain ingredient.

The soft-boiled truffle egg is just an example of how this preparation can give life to a sophisticated appetizer suitable for an important menu. Soft-boiled egg with caviar responds to the same characteristics. More suitable for any occasion is, instead, the soft-boiled egg with potatoes, for which even children are crazy.

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