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If one of your goals is to increase muscle mass keep in mind that not only do you need an exercise routine, you must also complement it with a good diet, since balancing both you can achieve a toned body. Therefore, in this note, we tell you how to prepare the best smoothies.

If you are looking to increase muscle mass, a good diet is necessary. Food at this stage should be paramount for the increase of muscle mass in a prudent time. On this note, we have selected the best smoothies for you to make at home and also rich to consume for the palate of anyone.

Remember that these recipes are based on fresh fruits to drink as milkshakes. We will show you the nutrients that your body needs as proteins in delicious juices and different combinations.

Therefore, here we present 7 shakes rich in proteins quickly to prepare to increase the muscles. Take note and prepare instantly:

1. Strawberry smoothie

It is made with half a liter of skim milk, 1 cup of strawberries, half a cup of oatmeal, 1 cup of natural light yogurt, and a quarter cup of flaxseed.

The best homemade shakes to increase muscle mass in the body 5

2. Banana smoothie

It is made with 2 large bananas, half a liter of skim milk, 2 tablespoons of pure honey from bees, and a quarter cup of cinnamon and granola to taste.

The best homemade shakes to increase muscle mass in the body 7

3. Shake with egg

Another of the natural shakes to increase muscle mass is the egg shake. It is made with 1 liter of milk, three tablespoons of oatmeal, three egg whites, and a whole banana.

4. Apple smoothie

It is made with 1 cup of natural light yogurt, 1 apple cut into pieces (either with or without shell), 1 tablespoon of pure honey, half a cup of almonds, cinnamon, and half a liter of skim milk.

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5. Chocolate shake

You need chocolate or cocoa powder, half a liter of skim milk, half a cup of oatmeal, a quarter cup of amaranth, and half a tablespoon of coffee.

The best homemade shakes to increase muscle mass in the body 11

6. Smoothie with oatmeal

This shake is made with half a liter of milk, a tablespoon of honey, 15 grams of wheat germ, 60 grams of oats, and soy protein.

The best homemade shakes to increase muscle mass in the body 13

7. Walnut shake

It is made with half a cup of nuts, 1 cup of natural light yogurt, half a liter of skim milk, a quarter cup of raisins, and liquid vanilla.

The best homemade shakes to increase muscle mass in the body 15

How to gain muscle mass?

Do you already have time to exercise and do not see an increase in the muscle mass of your body? This is a frequent problem among people who have started a healthy lifestyle and who want to see changes in a short time.

According to health specialists, to achieve the increase in muscle mass you must merge exercise routines and a good diet. It has also been pointed out that sleeping 8 hours a day and not waking up helps to see improvements in the body.

To know what diet to do to increase muscle mass, we recommend that you consult with a nutritionist to provide you with a proper eating plan and also with your personal trainer to give you the appropriate exercises to increase the volume in certain parts of the body.

Have you tried the coconut and banana smoothie yet?


  • 1 glass of coconut milk
  • 1 meter (40gr) vanilla-flavored whey protein
  • 2 tablespoons concentrated orange juice
  • 1/2 frozen banana

If you want a delicious smoothie that also helps you increase your muscle mass, you can try this drink.

It contains coconut milk, which is rich in minerals (such as magnesium and potassium), and electrolytes needed for muscle to regenerate after physical exercise.

What foods should I eat to gain muscle mass?

Chicken, as well as red meat, salmon, eggs, and cheeses are foods rich in protein and provide little fat, so including it at lunch or dinner, combined with proper exercise, could favor muscle hypertrophy.

What fruit smoothies can help me lose weight?

There are shakes that help you lose weight. Through this link, you can know 5 rich fruit smoothies so that your fat percentage decreases and you can be in better health.

Did you know that there are smoothies with oatmeal that help decrease fat in the body?

Apple shake with oatmeal, banana with oatmeal, and even aloe vera with oats will help you lose weight, entering this link you can know more smoothies and the necessary ingredients to prepare them.

Meet the three shakes that will help you raise your hemoglobin

There are shakes that help to have high hemoglobin. It is also recommended to consume them accompanied by a balanced meal and proper hydration to keep the body balanced.

  • Guava smoothie.
  • Orange, carrot and beet shake.
  • Kiwi and strawberry smoothie.

Is it good to increase muscle mass?

It is important to increase muscle mass as it will benefit several functions of your body. We tell you briefly its importance:

  • It gives mobility, strength and endurance.
  • Muscles need nourishment and therefore regulate the levels of glucose, cholesterol and triglycerides.
  • The muscle is an organ that receives calories and protein mainly, this means the greater muscle mass the less fat in the body. So you can lose weight but having a toned body.

Foods to relieve headache

Through this link you will find how Dr. Pérez Albela explains the main types of headaches and how they should be treated.

What foods inhibit iron absorption?

To improve the absorption of iron from the menestras you must accompany their preparations with foods of animal origin rich in the iron of easy absorption and foods rich in vitamin C such as fruits and vegetables.

Homemade masks to forget about dark circles

Tired of dark circles that make you look like a panda? Don’t worry, through this link you will know five ways to create homemade masks and say goodbye to those black spots around the eyes.

How to remove pimples and pimples from the face?

Pimples and pimples can cause some discomfort when they appear on the skin. Therefore, through this link, you can know what natural remedies can help eliminate them.

What foods inhibit iron absorption?

In order to improve the absorption of iron from the menestras you should accompany your preparations with foods of animal origin rich in the iron of easy absorption and foods rich in vitamin C such as fruits and vegetables.

Did you know that consuming fruits helps reduce stress?

A study from Australia’s Edith Cowan University has shown that the nutrients in fruits and vegetables decrease inflammation and oxidative stress, which improves mental well-being.

How to make protein shakes to gain muscle mass in the legs?

Protein shakes help to gain muscle mass and by consuming them they not only affect one part of the body but completely. All people want to get muscle mass in the legs and thus have them more defined. Some protein shakes help you achieve your goals.

Foods that strengthen the immune system to improve health in pandemic

Many people are looking to strengthen their immune systems to protect themselves from COVID-19 and other infectious agents. Therefore, in this note, we will give you the 10 foods that should not be missing in your daily life.

The best shakes for before or after training

Most people want to maintain optimal weight and health because obesity is a risk factor for COVID-19. Smoothies are great when it comes to gaining muscle mass and it is highly recommended to take them before or after having done physical exercise.

Why should you eat organic?

Intensive industrial agriculture, to prevent certain insects from eating crops certain farmers use pesticides. These pesticides pollute the land, water, air, kill pollinators and seriously damage our health.

The best ingredients to prepare nutritious soups in winter

With the arrival of winter, it is important to opt for a nutrient-rich diet to strengthen our immune system and prevent diseases.

Therefore, the nutritionist Sara Rosas, indicates that it is key to include proteins, vitamins, and minerals to achieve an increase in immune cells in our body.

How to stimulate memory?

Dr. Pérez Albela indicates that having a good breakfast, consuming foods rich in omega-3 helps improve memory function and maintenance.

Protein-rich shakes to lower cholesterol

If your cholesterol is high, you should change your diet and adopt a healthier lifestyle. Also, these protein shakes will help you lower your bad cholesterol for health.

Benefits of dairy in our meals

Dairy products greatly help the health and nutrition of Peruvians who do not have food allergies. Many think that they can only bring calcium, but also other things to the human body.

Fruit smoothies for weight loss

Just as there are shakes to increase muscle mass in the body, there are also shakes that help reduce the percentage of fat.

Benefits of eating several hours before bedtime

A study published in the Journal of Nutritional Science found that a small gesture, such as modifying our meal schedules, could help us lose weight in a simple way and that is that delaying and advancing breakfast and dinner by about 90 minutes helps to consume fewer calories and lose more body fat.

On the other hand, eating a late dinner is associated not only with an increase in body weight but also with a rise in blood pressure, regardless of the food consumed.

Smoothie recipes with less than 150 calories

Smoothie of cherries, pineapple and orange

  • Frozen boneless cherries, 150 g
  • Chopped pineapple, 60 g
  • Orange juice, 100 ml
  • Coconut milk, 100 ml
  • Ice cubes, 2 or 3

Tropical green smoothie

  • Unsweetened almond milk, 175 ml
  • Chopped pine, 125 g
  • Banana, 1/2
  • Fresh spinach, 15 leaves
  • Ice cubes, 4

Healthy piña colada smoothie

  • Frozen chopped pineapple, 200 g
  • Coconut milk, 175 ml

How to prepare protein shakes to gain muscle mass?

You should know that it is best to take your protein shake 30 minutes after training because that way the body will assimilate those foods better.

Also, specialists recommend that if you do sports you can consume between 1.5 and 2.5 grams of protein per kilo of weight per day. This is the amount needed if you want to define and increase muscle mass. If you only want resistance you can consume in smaller quantities.

Meet the most powerful foods in vitamin C

One way to protect ourselves from COVID-19 is through food. Some fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C can boost our defenses and help us fight the effects of respiratory diseases. Find out what they are in this note!

  • Spring tide
  • Cape gooseberry
  • Algarrobo
  • Camu camu
  • Cocona
  • Beans
  • Tangerine

7 ideal exercises for weight loss

1.- Burpees: This is one of the most popular “fat-burning” exercises. Cyclic repetitions help move our muscles. Include them in your routine and you will exercise the upper and lower part of your body.

2.- Scissor jumps: We have all done this exercise since childhood. In addition to helping us lose weight, it will also tone our muscles. Being repetitive exercises, we will get results quickly. You can include it in any metabolic workout. Start with a series of 20 repetitions a day and increase little by little.

3.- Jump rope: This exercise is very entertaining and can be done as a family. With the rope we work muscle strength and resistance, so we can do several repetitions without a problem.

4.- Walks: Walks are one of the simplest exercises to burn calories. This exercise uses a moderate heart rate and helps improve our metabolism. Take 30-minute walks a day and you’ll notice changes.

5.- Dumbbells: Dumbbells are very useful when we are looking to lose weight as they will also reduce the hanging skin of the arms. One way to integrate them is in the iron position. Position your right hand on the ground and with your left raise the dumbbell. Do 4 sets, two with each arm. It is an exercise that works the whole body.

6.- Squats: Sumo squats will help you tone your buttocks and lose fat in your stomach. Open your legs completely and place them at an angle of 180 degrees. It goes up and down for 40 seconds. 7 repetitions with 20 seconds of rest after each one are recommended.

7.- Crosses of legs: This exercise is ideal for those people who have cellulite and are looking to tone their legs. To do this, you must first lie on your back on the floor. Then, turn your body on the left side with your right leg flexed and resting on the floor right in front of your body. Start lifting your left leg, without bending it and without letting it hit the ground. Then, repeat with the other leg.

Food to reach the ideal weight

Biologist Melisa Silva, from Forza Natural, recommends some natural products that we must consume to reach the ideal weight before the end of this summer.

“The first thing I always recommend is artichokes since they purify the fat that is too much in our body, other vegetables that I recommend are Celery, cucumber, lettuce, Antigua, kion in lemonade is ideal. In addition to Flaxseed and Soy that has natural phospholipids that purify abdominal fat and cope with cholesterol, “says Melisa Silva.

The expert in science, health, and nutrition tells us that the vegetables and fruits that we can consume to lose weight, we have them within reach in all pockets and all markets. “Fruits such as pineapple that helps us a lot with fluid retention or the same apple or lemon peel that contains pectin, are the perfect allies for weight loss,” says the Biologist.

What is the difference between appetite and hunger


It is that survival instinct that drives us to feed ourselves when the body requires it. Unlike appetite, hunger responds to a physiological need of our organism; expresses a desire and a desire to eat any food.

When our body is hungry and we do not satisfy that need, the body begins to consume glycogen (energy storage molecule), breaking it down into glucose (energy source). Some of this energy is sent to our brain, muscles, and blood cells.


It is the sensation of eating influenced by psychological aspects of the person (desire to eat for pleasure, happiness, boredom, sadness, anxiety …). It is selective, usually appears suddenly, urgently. Appetite consists of a cycle; pleasure is anticipated, sought and finally, the result is obtained, which does not satisfy our physiological or energy needs.

Why should you consume vitamin D?

Supplements of this vitamin help those people who cannot absorb it through food or sunlight. A lack of vitamin D can endanger bone and dental health. It also has benefits for cognitive and cardiovascular health.

Similarly, fish oil, a source of vitamin D, has been shown to reduce cholesterol, arthritis, and the symptoms of ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder). Supplements of this vitamin are abundant and non-toxic. They are also an alternative to avoid exposing ourselves to skin cancer through solar radiation.

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